Avocado DAO Community Update #09

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3 min readOct 11, 2022


What a month it’s been! With a host of events both on and offline, Avocado DAO continues to extend our global presence across live chats and panels and in real-life events. It’s been an interesting month with some new and exciting partnerships and meeting more communities across the global blockchain gaming industry. Get a sneak peek at some of the plans for October, and stay updated as we’ve got more hot activities in the pipeline.

  • We are delighted to have partnered with StarHeroes and Derby Stars, as well as player identity platform, Carv DAO. With innovative vision, these projects bring a unique approach to their offerings and support the development of the wider GameFi ecosystem. In the previous few days, we also announced our partnership with Mighty Bear Games and hosted the Mighty Bears team in an AMA on their upcoming PFP collection and a bit of exclusive alpha on their uncover project, Project 1337! Watch the replay here.
  • Avocado DAO’s Co-founder, Brendan Wong, took to Twitter live in a marathon week of AMAs and panel discussions with several global communities from the States to London UK, and back to Asia. We are uploading these on our YouTube channel where you can catch the replays.
  • As part of Asia Blockchain Week, Avocado DAO contributed to several side events as Token2049 took over Marina Bay Sands in Singapore during a two-day web3 conference. Avocado DAO’s Chief contributor Brendan joined a thought-provoking panel discussion with Filecoin to discuss the tokenomics and sustainability of Web 3.0 projects, with several other key speakers. We also co-hosted our own side event alongside our partners, Hashed, and other contributors for a fun and informative gaming night. With a great turnout, it was a relaxed night for gamers of all types and genres to gather and discuss the possibilities of web3 gaming, you can read the recap here.

And there’s more!

Our partner game, Darley Go, is soft launching its new title ‘The Legend’. Catch a sneak peek of this epic NFT horse racing and strategy card game!

Some great AMAs happening recently: On the 6th of October, our partners MixMob will join our Avocadian community in Discord for a live demo of MixMob Origin. On the 7th, we hosted a live chat with Cradles to find out more about the pre-alpha and October Quest. The AMA, hosted by our Social Media Manager, Chip_Penguin, and Partnership Lead, James Chen, took place in a Twitter live space, you can catch the replay here.

Finally, but by no means least, we are super excited as we prepare for our next IRL event! We’re heading to connect and catch up with our awesome Filipino community for a fun-packed gaming meet & greet alongside our partner game studio, DG. Pals. The event will be held in the capital, Manila, on the 26th of October and attendees will have the opportunity to be the first to play DG. Pals’ eagerly-awaited board game. We can’t wait for this one, check it out!

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