Avocado DAO partners with Carv DAO for a cross-chain player identity platform

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5 min readSep 6, 2022


Avocado DAO is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Carv DAO, an exciting community-driven social platform that collates all your gaming moments and assets in one place. Carv Protocol is a cross-chain, multi-address credential-as-a-service protocol that generates gamer credentials and ranking.

Carv is on the mission to build a user-owned gaming identity that enables players to create their profile and showcase their gaming credentials to display achievements, discover friends & games, as well as win direct rewards. We are thrilled to join Carv for the development of this innovative and valuable all-in-one GameFi platform.

What is Carv Protocol?

Carv provides an on-chain solution to gather each player’s identity and accomplishments across games to collect all the information in one place, giving players a social profile they can use to show their gaming prowess, optimize their performance and gain benefits across gaming.

With players’ authorization, Carv Protocol aggregates and analyzes data both on & off chain and merges all this information into a fun and interactive dashboard that displays gaming achievements and assets, unified scores, leaderboards and, in turn, provides players with advanced insights, recommendations and other exclusive offers.

Player data is consolidated, analyzed and interpreted in the form of insightful credentials that players can display publicly within different metaverses and social channels. Player profile credentials and access to key activity data empower games and guilds to accurately distribute and launch incentive campaigns to players on the Carv platform.

By building up their credentials, players will receive in-game incentives, rewards and exclusive access to more exciting games, souldrops, Carv’s native drops, and other benefits that fit their profile. They will be able to use the platform to demonstrate their skills through their user identity and GameFi projects will be able to target their offerings and reach like-minded gamers.

Who does Carv benefit?

Carv’s solution is a social platform designed to provide key metrics that benefit players and projects within the web3 gaming arena; from the players themselves to game studios and gaming guilds, who can utilize this data to verify players, their levels and XP as well as view their gaming activity and offer incentives.

Players: Players can record their gaming stats, and add soulbound badges and leaderboard points. With their gaming identity, they will be able to monetize their data through increasing in-game and overall scores in the Carv ecosystem to receive additional incentives and rewards. It enables users to connect with game studios for souldrops, governance, and unique in-game assets as well as with fellow players. They will be able to share their gaming achievements across social channels, add different wallets, earn soulbound badges, and unlock rare achievements to keep everything in one place.

Game Studios: The platform allows game studios to view credentials and verify seasoned players, their level, activity and stats. By being able to verify players in this way, game studios can target active gamers and minimize airdrop hunters, bots, and other types of negative factors that could affect the sustainability of the game. Game studios can leverage Carv Protocol’s data to easily launch different types of campaigns or advertisements based on players’ profiles to ensure they attract the right audience.

Gaming Guilds: Having all these performance stats in one place massively facilitates the scholar recruitment process! Guilds can streamline the process of manually verifying scholarship candidates by utilizing the Carv dashboard to view standardized levels of achievement that are verifiable across games and socials. The dashboard serves as a public leaderboard that can bring gaming and scholarship opportunities thereby incentivizing players to maximize their potential to level up in the games they play.

Carv has already launched SBT (Soul Bound Token)-gated INO (Initial NFT Offering), an innovative launchpad where partner games can release their NFT whitelist to ensure that quality, active players are selected via the platform. For game studios, ensuring that dedicated players have access to these types of lists will help create a longer-term sustainable gaming economy by preventing people from grabbing freebies without intention to partake in the ecosystem. This data will also help gaming guilds to select active players with different degrees of experience by simply assessing the stats in their profile to choose players who can maximize the gaming outcome.

How does it work?

By building a profile, players can easily share and see other players’ gaming profiles, as well as compete, trade and receive rewards for their progress. The analysis of player data will serve to strengthen the web3 gaming space overall by providing key insights into player performance, response to campaigns, and games or NFT trending. Among a wealth of other information, these metrics provide invaluable data to projects building in the GameFi space.

The platform will provide a wider audience base for new games to leverage. The protocol isn’t simply an aggregator to provide a large pool of players for game studios and guilds but will offer a standardized platform where all player performance is assessed by the same benchmarks allowing for a fairer selection process.

Avocado DAO x Carv DAO

Carv has developed strategic partnerships with venture capitals, game studios and blockchains across the web3 space, and is set to build a one-stop place to collect and share this data to benefit all parties and advance the GameFi mission to facilitate entry to the space through cross-functionality, as well as fun and engaging social interaction between games and gamers.

The practicalities of the Carv Protocol will reduce operational workload and provide highly targeted analytics to facilitate the guild’s work when it comes to onboarding and monitoring scholar performance, organizing incentives and campaigns within its dashboard. With over 10,000 scholars, this type of system will prove extremely useful and, at Avocado, we can’t wait to start testing the model and working with Carv to utilize the analytics dashboard as we work together to develop a valuable web3 data tool that has gamer experience at its core.

Come and Carv a name for yourself on the all-in-one gamers platform that puts you at the top of the web3 gaming leaderboard!

Find out more about Carv and join the community:
Website | Marketplace | Whitepaper | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram

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