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5 min readSep 12, 2022

Enter the world of Web3 horse racing where you can breed and train your own horses to win races and rewards! Derby Stars brings a high-quality player experience to this unbridled NFT game.

Avocado is proud to partner with Derby Stars, a strategy-based PvP game launching on the Polygon network. In this racing world, you can indulge your racing dreams, and become a breeder or rancher in the Derbyverse.

Race the Derby Stars track - The game:
Boasting high-quality animation, Derby Stars comes to life to give players a full racehorse experience. Players will be able to race, breed and train their own horses as well as select jockeys and become a rancher by owning land. This brings a rich mix of NFT options and ownership, each with different ways of winning rewards and competing to level up and reach higher performance tiers.

Derby Stars gives players the opportunity to raise their very own world-class NFT horses, each unique in traits and characteristics. The racehorses are born with four talents: runaway runner, front runner, stalker, a slow burner who overtakes his opponents closer to the finish line, and a stretch runner, an outsider, who splits from the group. These traits will give each horse differing abilities on the racetrack and will have an impact on their offspring when they breed.

This is what makes breeding fun and strategic, as the inherited traits will have some bearing on the foal’s skills and strengths. To breed, players will be able to choose a potential match for mating and pay the stallion owner to provide stud services. While there is some predictability in the outcome of the traits based on pairing, there are also some randomized hereditary characteristics with unique traits that can give the offspring special abilities.

Stats can be further developed through training, which gives players lots of elements to consider when raising their horses to develop their traits to play to their greatest strengths on racing day. Players can win additional rewards through training, the more time and resources players invest in their horses’ training, the higher the rewards they can win in competition.

Similar to real life, before jumping in the saddle on racing day, players will need to take into account multiple variables, such as the type of track, weather and race conditions. Not only do players have to consider these conditions for their own horses’ stats and skills, but also to assess the competition and strategize to pick the right horse for the right course! PvP race tournaments are coming to Derby Stars soon — so hold onto your hats and may the best horse win!

These unique horses are just one of the types of NFTs available in Derby Stars. Every horse needs a good jockey to win the race. These jockey NFT avatars come with 7 different body parts and in the future will incorporate further customization. Land ownership will also be possible in 2023, allowing players to own their own ranch and receive passive rewards from it. This will bring an even wider dimension to this horse-driven game!

Win $RUN Rewards
Derby Stars is developing a dual token economy model with a governance token and utility token to motivate users with in-game rewards. $RUN is the Governance Token and can be obtained through PvP Race Tournament and will be used in breeding and crafting. The in-game Utility Token, $CRT, can be won by competing, training, breeding and obtaining other in-game items such as rugs, accessories and food.

What makes Derby Stars different?

There is huge scope and scalability in this project, from PvP to esports to building and, in the future, passive rewards from land ownership. Derby Stars has already secured several high-profile capital investors such as Hashed, Coin98, Patron, and Galaxy Interactive, and have formed partnerships with Avocado DAO, alongside other guilds. They have some high-caliber key advisers including the head of Polygon Studios and co-founder of The Sandbox among other notable heavyweight players in the Web3 and GameFi space, giving Derby Stars a solid foundation for the future development of the game.

The Derby Stars team leverages their previous knowledge of developing mobile horse racing games to bring a new experience to blockchain gaming. They have put huge thought and effort into creating uniquely designed horses captured by high-quality motion animation. This makes Derby Stars mesmerizingly life-like and immersive to play. There’s a wide range of different stats, skills and special abilities that players can activate during the races, with tons of variables at all levels of the game for the strategic mind, and the thrill of competition for horse racing fans. Derby Stars has a strong vision and Avocado is stoked to be on board as we saddle up for a ride into the Derbyverse.

About Derby Stars
Derby Stars is a horse racing metaverse game where players can breed, grow, build and trade. It is a first-of-its-kind AAA play-to-earn game on the Polygon network. Built by a team of game veterans, Derby Stars aims to provide a high-quality player experience never seen before in an NFT game.

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