Avocado partners with StarHeroes for an Epic Intergalactic Multiplayer Experience.

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4 min readSep 5, 2022

Avocado is excited to partner with StarHeroes, a skill-based third-person shooter powered by collectible NFTs, where you can build your dream space fleet and experience the power of galactic combat.

StarHeroes boasts a strong team and has received one of the first web3 games to receive a Microsoft grant which will enable them to implement a fully operational multiplayer mode that opens the gates to enter the esports arena.

What is StarHeroes?

StarHeroes, the Guardians, the youngest race so far in the galaxy, find themselves in conflict with a new neighboring species, the Degens. In a hostile exchange, this new race wage war on the Starverse, and the Guardians find themselves navigating through space to battle their foes.

Players will need to strategize to defeat their opponents and choose a planet to settle and create their community. With free2play and play&earn modes, the game is all-encompassing, allowing all players to interact and duel across both modes in this competitive skill-based game. This is the first, first-person shooter game on the blockchain to include multiplayer mode and it’s going to be epic!

Galactic Hero NFTs

The Heroes NFTs open a whole new world of possibilities. The in-game NFT characters will see the release of 6000 heroes with unique traits as soon as Q4, 2022, enabling players to win $STAR rewards within the game. As the Heroes progress through the game and gain more experience, they will also gain higher rewards for their victories. Owning a Hero NFT is the only requisite for the game and enables players to become a part of the Proof of Play solution that Star Heroes is building.

All StarHeroes need a trusty spaceship and a base to keep it in preparation for battle. The game also comprises 1020 Land NFTs in the form of planets or star systems, broadening the game’s NFT ownership potential and the ability to win rewards within the Starverse.

To maintain a sustainable pace, the game has been designed as a season-based game, split into 90-day seasons. This allows players to level up their avatars to level 5, each time giving them more skills points. Rewards can be increased through breeding, giving players further NFTs which they can sell within the marketplace. At the end of each season, heroes return to the first level and start afresh, parent heroes can be sold, and new heroes trained to combat anew.

Rewards increase through the levels and remain with the player after the seasonal reset. What makes this mechanism unique is that players can breed their heroes no more than three times in a season, giving players time to level up their heroes to levels 2–3 and through to level 5. Time in the game is thereby rewarded by unlocking possibilities to breed and ascend through the levels.

StarHeroes $STAR Token

The in-game currency $STAR is used to buy and sell in-game assets and is the currency with which players will be rewarded for victories against their enemies. The team wanted to create a sustainable gaming economy, hence the breeding limitations. Further to this, there is also a 30-day cool-down period for newly trained heroes which makes it impossible to create an NFT farm known for most of the games. This gives players equal opportunities to level up, no matter how many NFTs they started with.

With further solutions to keep the token deflationary, the game will include buy and burn mechanisms and a unique training system to prevent the inflation of the NFT collection.

Avocado DAO x StarHeroes

Having tried and tested the alpha version, Avocado is stoked to bring this new game to its scholars. With fun and interactive gameplay, StarHeroes model is inclusive, and the multiplayer function will encourage team action, which is exciting for our scholars.

With an innovative and thoughtful tokenomics structure, the game has a sustainability factor that is interesting to Avocado as we are looking into the future vision for the GameFi space and our members. This is just the beginning for StarHeroes, and Avocado is excited to fly into the galactic future to build communities in the Starverse and beyond.

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