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4 min readOct 8, 2022

Token2049 took prime position as the hottest event of this year’s Asia Crypto Week in Southeast Asia. Held in Singapore, not far from Avocado DAO headquarters, we took the opportunity to participate by co-hosting a side event alongside our partners, Hashed, and a few other web3 projects.

The pre-party — Avocado DAO, partners and friends
Kicking off the week of Token 2049 with a panel discussion with Filecoin, the event featured a number of key speakers and panel discussions, covering topics such as bridging web2 or web3, the ultimate blockchain layer solution, and infrastructure bringing other expert speakers to the event. Avocado DAO’s Co-founder, Brendan Wong, spoke alongside other GameFi experts to discuss the tokenomics & sustainability of Web3 projects in a dynamic panel discussion hosted by Championify and joined by Antler and Lucidblue Ventures.

From one event to another, the day prior to Token2049 opening its doors, Avocado co-hosted a side event with our partners Hashed as well as several other contributors. Taking place at Damage per second, a lively esports bar with tons of interactive games and Arcade games, with classics such as Pac-Man and Street Fighter for our avid gamers to connect and play. The event gathered members of our team in a gaming night to share more about Avocado, what we do as a guild and for our community, and as a DAO, how we partner with new games and game studios to help them develop their product by sharing feedback and data from our large scholar base on gaming mechanics, experience and other factors which help the studios to develop the games to be more fun with better gameplay.

With no lack of side events to choose from, we headed off to DG.Pals’ side event to catch up with one of the co-founders, Samson Oh, and other prominent guests. The event was hosted on the floor 33rd level of the Westin Hotel, with an incredible view over Singapore. The room was filled with optimistic and insightful conversations about the future of blockchain gaming, and it was a great opportunity for our team members to meet our partner games and the wider blockchain web3 community.

Token 2049- The Event
The conference opened its doors to positive, future-focused solutions, boldly addressing the challenges and outlining the opportunities of building in the current market and how the crypto industry can drive mass adoption. From DeFi to NFT art to GameFi, you could find a multitude of interesting panel discussions and keynotes across the spectrum of web3 topics.

Token2049 housed an array of informative talks and stands across all sectors, including interactive gameplay demonstrations, raffle prizes and giveaways. Packed with the latest crypto information and technology developments provided ample opportunity to discover and meet innovative blockchain projects, and connect and build relations with other crypto-focused organizations.

Final thoughts
The event offered Avocado DAO the opportunity to connect with the web3 community from tech to business to gaming, discover new projects from all areas of the blockchain industry and explore the possibility of forming new partnerships. There were a few interesting projects with creative solutions and ideas that caught our attention. We love attending IRL events, and Token2049 was definitely a top one to attend this year!

We have some more events coming up in October, with our community meet & greet which will be held in Manila, Philippines on the 26th of the month. Co-hosted with our partner game DG.Pals, we have a fun-filled evening lined up and attendees will get the chance to be the first to play DG.Pals’ eagerly-awaited board game! Find out more here.

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