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Join us on an epic adventure, as Avocado teams up with D.G. Pals to explore the D.G.Verse, and collect and trade cute blockchain items. D.G.Pals is a collectible virtual pet, the first interoperable, multi-game, multi-genre NFT GameFi project on Cronos Chain, and Avocado is delighted to partner for the development of this multi-dimensional game.

D.G.Pals is founded by a strong core team with experience spanning blockchain, esports and strategic investment, with studios in several countries across Southeast Asia. The co-founders have solid blockchain experience and a vision that is true to web3:

“Web3 technology emphasizes decentralization and ownership. We plan to design a platform that democratizes game development and publishing through internal and external game development and introduce a whole new gaming experience for gamers.” Kit Lau, Co-founder — D.G.Pals

“Avocado is excited to support D.G.Pals to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports creators to contribute original content to Web3 gaming. As an advisor to the project, I look forward to working with this dedicated team to fulfill their vision to contribute to the broader GameFi ecosystem.” Brendan Wong, Co-founder — Avocado DAO

What is D.G.Pals?

The first game title in the D.G.Verse ecosystem, D.G.P: New World is a virtual pet simulator that runs on idle-farming mechanics. Players can hatch their D.G.Eggs, rear and grow them into extraordinary D.G.Pals as they explore the in-game world. There are four games planned for 2022 and gamers will have a ton of adventure through quests and battles as the games are released onto the Cronos network.

Right now, D.G.Pals is getting ready to release the second game, D.G.P: Legends Beta, which became available on the 31st of May 2022. This title sees the Pals enter battle in PvP, 5v5 squad-battler, utilizing their powers to vanquish opponents — at Avocado, our scholars are eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

Later this year, D.G.P: Plaza, the third game in this series of loveable yet fierce NFT characters will be a virtual land, where the community can interact, chat and show off their avatars. And finally, D.G.P: Adventure, the fourth game in the series, is a highly-anticipated simulation cross tower defense game. Land sales for D.G.P: Adventure is set to be in Q4 too. D.G.League, a marketplace-based NFT loaning system, is in the works. Players can also look forward to further collaborations with their favorite IPs as they cross over into the D.G.Verse.

With a genre for every style of gamer, players will be able to find a world in which to immerse themselves. There are plenty of chances to collect and trade NFT items, equipment and land — and there will be even more to discover in D.G.Verse’s ever-growing ecosystem.

The avatars are a distinct collection of NFTs

The D.G.Pals have three different types of rarity and billions of permutations giving them a mix of individual features. One of the most exciting facts about these cute NFT warriors is that as they evolve, they can be transported across games. D.G.Pals are uniquely designed to be interoperable! This will enable them to be played in a variety of games both in and out of the D.G.Verse.

The Pals go through 5 different growth stages from a Baby, Child, Youth, Adult, to Prime forms. They take five days to mature, during which you will be able to collect $OPL. Once they reach maturity, players will be able to mint their very own D.G.Pal NFT, allowing players to participate in games across the D.G.Verse ecosystem. With this multi-game model, as different games come to the market, additional forms of utility will be provided, as such, the NFTs and tokens will continue to increase in value.

The game operates a dual token economy.

Players can earn tokens by participating and winning in different game modes, combat and quests. The governance token D.G Gold ($DGG) will more typically be used for NFT minting (Limited Edition and Special Edition NFTs), gamified staking for house council and to earn D.G.Eggs. The in-game currency, Panterra Opals ($OPL) can be earned by participating and winning in different game modes and quests, and to be used for minting equipment NFT, NFT minting in D.G.P: New World, account-based leveling up and more!

Why D.G.Pals?

The D.G.Pals team has a fantastic vision centered around community and collaboration, with an authentic attitude to blockchain gaming and an even deeper understanding of tokenomics which has helped them to design such a solid roadmap for their game.

The community is at the core of Avocado and D.G.Pals shares these values by encouraging players, users, and game developers to contribute to the design and direction of the project. We can’t wait for our scholars to test this exciting game and share their feedback.

D.G.Pals has designed a strong micro game economy creating a sustainable NFT game. Their innovative approach to game development, the evolution of NFTs and various game releases make this one to watch as the D.G.Verse expands and the GameFi space evolves.

You can find out more about D.G.Pals via the links below:
Website | Discord | Twitter | Official Trailer | D.G.P: New World Beta & D.G.P: Legends Beta trailer | Linktree

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