Avocado DAO partners with Mighty Bear Games to prowl the GameFi landscape

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4 min readOct 5, 2022


Avocado DAO is super pumped to partner with Mighty Bear Games, a Singapore-based game studio bringing the future of online multiplayer to a universal audience.

Mighty Bear Games comprises a team of industry veterans hailing from companies such as King, Ubisoft, EA, Lucasarts, Disney, Gameloft, and Jagex, bringing with them a wealth of gaming knowledge from mobile to desktop gaming with pick-up-and-play accessibility.

The project successfully received US$10m in its fundraising round. The investment round was led by Framework Ventures and includes a number of notable investors such as Mirana, Sfermion, Spartan, Dune Ventures, Polygon, Play Future Fund, and Avocado DAO, to name a few. With high-level backing, Mighty Bear will have access to great advice and guidance as they progress within the web3 arena.

Mighty Bear’s latest game: Mighty Action Heroes
With several games already under their belt, Mighty Bear has developed games such as Butter Royale, a huge hit on Apple Arcade, Disney Melee Mania, an official Disney & Pixar game, and now the studio’s first web3 release, Mighty Action Heroes, a realtime multiplayer battle royale built for the blockchain.

Mighty Action Heroes will be powered by Polygon, and the game will feature action heroes based on all-time favorites from the 80s to the present. With Mighty Action Heroes, players can relive the most exciting moments of the decades with 100s of battles, 1000s of P.A.R.T.S, and tons of heroes inspired by the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema, and beyond!

Players can get started right away, with no initial investment or need for cryptocurrency or NFT knowledge to get started. Mighty Bear has put fun first and designed the game to be accessible to all levels. It’s easy to pick up and play yet has a high skill cap to satisfy the more seasoned and competitive gamer. There will be the chance to win additional in-game tokens from completing AFK missions, which will allow players to receive passive rewards as they get on with daily life.

Mighty Bear also has a keen focus on community and a wide-open culture that is welcoming to everyone. The development of the game is community-driven allowing the most engaged to shape the future of Mighty Action Heroes.

The PFP collection
Prior to the game’s release, Mighty Bear will launch their genesis PFP collection which consists of 10,000 unique NFT bears. While not essential to get started in the game, the NFT PFP collection will give owners tons of utility both within the game and beyond. PFP holders will gain early access to the Alpha version of Mighty Action Heroes and will be able to collect in-game rewards and cosmetic items once the game is released.

The team also has shared some alpha with us (recent as of Oct 4 2022); they keep talking about Project 1337, the Genesis pass which will unlock a variety of opportunities. Find out more in our live twitter space AMA with Mighty Bears, not to be missed, catch the replay here!

Avocado DAO x Mighty Bear Games
With a great track record of producing games, and a talented team with tons of experience and enthusiasm to bring this title to the web3 market, Mighty Bear brings a refreshing take to web3 gaming and infuses fun into gameplay. With a fun first approach, the game promises to bring a smile to new and experienced players who will love playing Mighty Action Heroes and experiencing the lore as they journey through the Mightyverse.

We’ve always been a games-first and fun-focused studio, and we’ve taken this approach from web2 into web3. It’s been amazing to find like-minded folk such as the Avocado DAO team and we look forward to building with them!”
- Martha Schoppa, Product Lead, Mighty Action Heroes

“We love what Mighty Bear is building with Might Action Heroes and their focus on fun and community is something that we totally agree with. We look forward to working together to make that happen and spur on the GameFi space to bring these values into web3 gaming.”
- Brendan Wong — Co-founder — Avocado DAO

Avocado is excited to invest in and partner with Mighty Bear Games, to share the new game with our guild, and work with the development team to ensure a fantastic web3 experience. Look out for early access to Mighty Actions Heroes in Q4 this year!

To find out more about Mighty Bear Games and their latest release Mighty Action Heroes:
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Mighty Action Heroes Website
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