[How-to (LP) stake] A step by step guide to staking your $AVG Token

Step 1 — Enter the staking portal

Please note that all screenshots are for demonstration purposes only. Figures will depend upon the amount and duration you choose to stake your tokens and the choices made by other stakers into the pool.

Step 2 — Connect your wallet

Step 3 — Select your staking pool

Step 4 — Choose your settings

  1. Provide liquidity on PancakeSwap
  2. Receive LP tokens.
  3. Stake LP tokens, at this stage, you will be presented with our computed AVG equivalent.
  4. APR will be applied to the AVG equivalent at the time of staking.
  5. Receive rewards.

Step 5 — Claim your rewards

Step 6 — Monitor your staking portfolio at a glance

Step 7— Monitor your vesting

Step 8— Withdraw your staked tokens

Step 9— Withdraw your reward



  1. Where can I purchase AVG token to stake?
    You can purchase $AVG on several centralized exchanges such as MEXC Global or decentralized exchanges such as UniSwapv2 on Ethereum (AVG-ETH Uniswap Pair Info) or PancakeSwap on BNB Chain (AVG-BNB PancakeSwap Pair Info).



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