Avocado DAO $AVG becomes available on BNB Chain via Celer Network

Why BNB chain?

  • BNB is a popular EVM-compatible chain due to its versatility. BNB chain gives users access to multiple cryptocurrencies. The options are much broader, enabling users to convert these tokens to $AVG on BNB.
  • The platform is widely used, and people are familiar with its features, making it a suitable choice for Avocado DAO to offer access to our token.
  • The fees are much lower on BNB and this in itself provides an attractive option to many.
  • We are working towards becoming game and chain agnostic, so it makes sense to bridge to BNB to provide broader opportunities.
  • An increasing number of promising games are being developed on the BNB chain, and we want to be a part of it.
  • It broadens the scope for staking $AVG and provides future utility access to scholars and stakeholders.

Why Celer Network?



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