How to Bridge Avocado DAO tokens AVG from Ethereum to BNB Chain

We are delighted to offer a bridge AVG to the BNB Chain. Avocado DAO tokens can now be bridged from Ethereum to the BNB (formally Binance Smart Chain), which offers security, scalability, and low transaction costs, important to both our community and the GameFi ecosystem.

Bridging AVG allows our token holders to bring the tokens onto the BNB Network which gives access to multiple cryptocurrencies and incurs lower transaction costs such as gas fees. If you haven’t bridged tokens before, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can bridge your AVG token to the BNB chain using Celer cBridge.

We selected Celer Network as our partner for bridging AVG from ETH to BNB as the platform facilitates fast, secure and low-cost cross-chain interoperability. Celer cBridge is a user-focused, cross-chain token bridge with deep liquidity for users. The platform is highly efficient and also offers exciting developer-oriented features. You can read further details on why Avocado DAO selected Celer Bridge as our preferred partner.

You can bridge your ETH tokens to BNB via the Celer Network bridge via the links below:

Through Celer Network Bridge page

Via Celer Bridge widget

To bridge your AVG tokens, it’s always recommended to check your wallet in advance so that you have enough ETH for the gas fee to facilitate your transaction. The estimated gas fee is about 0.005 ETH ($14) depending on the network saturation, and how busy the network is at that time. Once you’re ready to go, you can follow the steps below and get bridging your AVG across to the BNB chain.

Guide on how to bridge

Follow the link to our bridging platform, here you will be able to select the chain you want to exchange from, the Source chain, and bridge into a chosen Destination chain.

Step 1: Head over to cBridge and Connect Wallet

Head over to the app and ‘Connect Wallet’. You will be prompted to select a wallet.

Step 2: Select the source and destination chains

Select Ethereum Mainnet for the ‘Source chain’ and BNB Chain for the ‘Destination chain’

Select Source Chain

Select Destination Chain

Select a token — here, select ‘AVG’ so that you can bridge AVG across from its Source chain (ETH) to the BNB Destination chain (BNB)

Step 3: Click Transfer and approve contract spend

You will be directed to the next page which will confirm your transaction from one chain to the other, this will display the total of AVG you will receive on the BNB Chain. You can also view the details of the transfer and approximate gas fees.

If this is your first time using the bridge for $AVG, you will need to provide permission for the platform to spend your token by clicking ‘Approve AVG’. After confirming this step, you will have the option to review the transfer details and ‘Confirm Transfer’, then sign the transaction on your wallet.

In case your transfer should fail, this could be due to insufficient liquidity or gas fees, however, you will receive a pop-up explaining the reason for the failure.

A note on fees for using Celer cBridge

As described above, there is a Bridge Fee when bridging tokens between blockchains. This Bridge Fee consists of the Base Fee and Liquidity Fee.

The Base Fee is paid to cover the gas cost for sending funds on the Destination Chain while the Liquidity Fee is paid to the cBridge liquidity providers and Celer State Guardian Network (SGN) stakers in return for their services.

For transfers from L2 roll-up chains (Arbitrum/Optimism/Boba/Metis), the liquidity fee percentage is 0.1% to 0.5%. Otherwise, the liquidity fee percentage is 0.04%.

Aside from the Bridge Fee, note that the bridge uses the StableSwap AMM to determine the swap rate to keep it close to peg unless there is significant liquidity imbalance.

Once you have successfully bridged your tokens, they will appear in your wallet, under your balance in the Destination network. In case you don’t have the BNB chain already added to your wallet, you will need to go to settings and Add Network. There, you will be prompted to input the BNB Chain details as found below:

The BNB Chain Mainnet

​​Network Name: BNB Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

For a more detailed explanation, you can follow the steps here.

We’re excited to bring you our bridging facility to enable token holders to have more possibilities and flexibility with $AVG as we continue to advance within the blockchain ecosystem.

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