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4 min readOct 12, 2022

Avocado DAO is proud to have participated in local celebrations as part of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day festivities as part of our in-person events to share Avocado with the local community and bring awareness of what we do as a guild and how people can benefit from web3 gaming.

This event saw 21 of our Indonesian scholars come together from different parts of the country and around 650 locals take part in the local celebrations. Our dedicated Avocadians took the long journey from neighboring islands to attend the event, some of our scholars traveled twelve hours by boat to cover the 260km distance from Sumatra to West Java. Once they arrived, they prepared and organized a host of activities to educate, have fun and introduce Avocado DAO, the gaming guild and explained to them the new opportunities of the Metaverse. This helps us to share the functions of the guild and attract more Indonesians to join the community to learn about web3 and crypto and offer new opportunities in the Metaverse world to more people.

The goal of our IRL event
We constantly strive to grow awareness across our regions as part of our mission to empower new users into web3 through gaming. We want to educate as many people as possible to receive the possible benefits of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and web3. This is why we sought to join in and participate in celebrating the independence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and introduce the Metaverse and Blockchain to the local community to provide them with new opportunities through events to promote crypto-literacy and provide an introduction to web3 through the fun of gaming. In conjunction with the local government, we met the community to share what Avocado DAO is about and give them an overview of the rewarding opportunities of web3 through a range of fun and engaging activities such as trivia games, tug of war, and crypto webinars.

How the event went down
AG. Natsu, one of our Avocadian Aces who was responsible for organizing the event described the event as very lively and enthusiastic, and that the community was in high spirits and open to discovering the possibilities of web3 and how Avocado DAO can facilitate entry to the space. The Avocado Indonesia team was on hand to share, engage the community and explain their own experience with Avocado and how it benefits them. The response was amazing and the team, as well as the local community, learnt a lot from the event and activities.

Community feedback
The community gave great feedback on the event as they were really happy to discover this new opportunity. They were curious and wanted to know more about Avocado DAO and the Metaverse. As a result, they asked for a class or webinar to explain more the operations of the guild, and how they could get involved. They also are keen to know more about setting up a wallet, as well as understanding the game economy, and how they can win rewards by playing games.

This kind of event really helps to enhance the bond within the wider community. From strangers behind the screen, to knowing each other’s faces, behavior, jokes, and most importantly creating even stronger teamwork both in real life and in future games.

The results
As a result of the event, we have onboarded new members to join the guild and begin to play CyBall. There are more people interested in joining who would like further information, as they want to understand what exactly is involved.

One participant said: “I didn’t know before that there was a world like this, the Metaverse! I’m too wrapped up in old habits to be aware of today’s sophisticated Blockchain technology. I look forward to more lessons and fun games from Avocado!” — Bam — Event attendee

With the feedback and results of the event, we are now preparing a webinar to help explain everything about the guild, how it works for them and how they can benefit. This will see even more members of the wider community join Avocado DAO, growing the guild across the region and empowering users to play and benefit from web3 gaming.

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