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With a phenomenal year behind us, Avocado DAO has clear plans for the year ahead. We are nearing the end of the first quarter and are in motion to achieve our goals for 2022. We have entered over 30 exciting partnerships across the blockchain ecosystem, and there is so much more to come as we continue to grow within the evolving GameFi space.

Avocado DAO’s vision for 2022 is to position ourselves at the forefront of GameFi and become a core contributor to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole through our partnerships, investments, and onboarding more scholars into the guild and web3 in general. Our transition from guild to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) gives us more freedom and leverage to pursue larger goals. With a number of games already under our belt, we are aiming for another three more games to be onboarded by the end of Q2. There is no stopping us from becoming one of the leading gaming DAO’s in the ecosystem this year!

Tokenization and Transition into a DAO

The evolution of Avocado DAO last year from guild to DAO was a natural step towards the future. It has empowered us to enlarge the scope of what we can offer and achieve through our governance token $AVG.

Tokenization has been instrumental in enabling Avocado DAO to build the infrastructure and technology required while advancing towards passing this value back to our token holders through the mechanism of a DAO.

How Does a Gaming Guild Turned DAO Contribute to the Ecosystem?

This is the question we first asked ourselves in 2021 as the guild grew beyond expectation. To put it simply, the DAO releases the shackles of limitation, opening the door to expand the opportunities for our scholars while further supporting the broader infrastructure. Through the DAO, Avocado DAO can now venture beyond the boundaries of GameFi into the realms of DeFi, bringing benefits to both stakeholders and scholars.

Benefits Provided by the DAO Structure

In pursuit of our wider goals, Avocado DAO can contribute to the broader blockchain ecosystem. We can provide interoperability across different chains through these partnerships, facilitating the introduction and onboarding of more new users into web3.

Furthermore, under the umbrella of decentralization, in the future, there will be a proposal mechanism where the community can create and vote on proposals and take part in decisions for the future of Avocado DAO through the use of the governance token. These are exciting advancements, and it’s only the beginning!

New Gaming Partnerships

As a DAO, we are no longer bound by the limitations of the guild, and Avocado can now contribute to the development of GameFi by investing in innovative blockchain games and growing the space and our scholarship programs. Since the beginning of the year, Avocado DAO has invested in over 27 projects, including 23 new games and GameFi platforms.

Avocado DAO’s Gaming Partners

From casual competitive puzzle games such as The Wasted Lands to competitive Battle Royales like Blast Royale, to Triple-A GameFi RPG titles such as Ascenders and Heros Chained developed on the Avax network, these games align with our aim of becoming game and chain agnostic, thus onboarding users into web3 opportunities.

Ecosystem Partners

One of the key areas that prevent potential users is the difficulties associated with accessing web3. While GameFi is the initial catalyst for onboarding new users into web3, investment in new technologies is driven by the need to reduce the friction for entry into DeFi, to enter and contribute to the overall development of blockchain.

We have invested in eight ecosystem partners so far, and we continue to seek projects that facilitate access to the space.

Avocado DAO’s Ecosystem Partners

To give some use cases on the projects mentioned above:

Jambo Technologies are developing a super wallet with the vision to bring GameFi to Africa.

Thetanuts revolutionize DeFi and enable users to maximize risk-adjusted yield generation via option selling.

0xAdventure builds systems & tools for guilds to increase scalability and efficiency. Their tech solutions reduce friction for new guilds entering web3 by providing a middle layer that connects NFT liquidity to scholars.

Investing and partnering in such projects enlarges the scope of the guild into the broader blockchain ecosystem.

How the Guild is Evolving into the Wider Ecosystem

The early onset of the guild has evolved as the GameFi and SocialFi landscape has developed. What was a novel concept in early 2021 has become a firm fixture in 2022, and Avocado continues to contribute to the bigger picture of GameFi.

Tokenization has expanded the scope of the guild. With a large and growing community playing games within the guild on one side and now, on the other, we now have token holders and stakeholders invested in the DAO. The revenue generated from both operations gives us the ability to further invest in game and ecosystem development.

Avocado DAO’s Evolving GameFi and SocialFi Ecosystem

As we evolve to meet the demands of GameFi, we are no longer only investing in gaming assets for the guild. Through the mechanism of the DAO, Avocado DAO is now investing in the development of new games and DeFi protocols to increase exposure and access across our mutual communities.

Avocado DAO is now in a powerful position to contribute to the direction of the emerging GameFi ecosystem. For us and the guild model to continue to evolve into becoming builders for future generations of web3 gamers, we must continue to forge ahead, investing in blockchain projects that align with this goal. With this as our vision, Avocado DAO’s roadmap positions us at the forefront of shaping the development of the GameFi space.

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