Play2Empower | Chin up! You’re gonna make it

“What’s great about the Avocado DAOis that there’s a place for everyone even when they’re not good with games. In fact, I’m excited to help bring out the Avocadian talent to our community and into the world,” he said with high spirits.

“The Avocado DAO is growing as a vibrant community of kind-hearted, talented people and I want to do more to help the guild grow,” he said earnestly. “And then next, I want to be a guild leader.”

“I find great relief at feeling a sense of stability right now. Just as much as we need to help ourselves, it’s important to make room for ourselves — to remember to be resilient to gain strength and recover from the struggles shaking our ground. It took my mother and the Avocado DAO for me to get there,” he said.



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