Play2Educate | Every little act of kindness and optimism adds up to a meaningful difference

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3 min readJan 25, 2022
Play2Educate Event in Dumanjug Cebu

Every community has needs and suffers from its own obstacles.

With the ongoing stretch of online learning due the pandemic along with the opening of face-to-face classes, students in Barangay Tangil in Dumanjug, Cebu are in need of basic school supplies to do their best work inside the classroom and at home.

To help bridge this gap, Avocadian scholar volunteers came together to host AG’s Play2Educate initiative. The event gave out over 100 sets of school items and hosted a cryptoliteracy presentation with hand-on experience in web3 games.

In a statement of support from AG cores read by guild leader Jarell Kate Decin, AG said, “This event is equally about the next big thing as it is about our small initiatives that add up to a meaningful difference. And the Avocado DAO is here to equip and empower you as you take your first steps into the Metaverse.”

Selected AG scholars delivered an engaging presentation covering the topics of basic Cryptoliteracy, the Metaverse, and the fundamentals of GameFi.

“Avocado DAO is doing something worthwhile for children, families, and communities, so thank you for giving this opportunity to our barangay. We live in a technologically advanced world. Giving people the knowledge and tools they need to enter and compete in a digital environment is critical to help them make their way into better futures,” said Flordeliza Gabutero, school principal of Bitoon National High School. “I’m sure your work will not be wasted on these families, especially those who have lost their jobs because of Covid. They will not only enjoy the game, but benefit from this project as well.”

AG’s Play2Educate program aims to provide scholars and participants with knowledge about blockchain technology and assist them in unlocking their full potential.

“I like to think that education in general, and what we’re doing in AG specifically, provides a safety net when unexpected things happen like with Covid-19 pandemic and unemployment that hit some of us the hardest. When things like these threaten to push our neighbors already struggling even further into unfortunate circumstances, every little act to show kindness and optimism counts. It gives us the hope we need these days,” said John Ford Evangelio, project lead and AG community leader.

Moving forward, AG will strive to keep on developing its educational materials and to build on its knowledge as technologies and concepts related to the Metaverse and blockchain evolve.

“We think of the future and how opportunities can be an equalizer within society, so as we journey into the Metaverse together, the education of cryptoliteracy is vital to our younger generation. Understanding the basics of blockchain technology and its benefits allow students and community members to be well-equipped for the new digital frontier,” added John Ford.

With Play2Educate, Avocado DAO equips scholars with the knowledge they need for today to overcome challenges and have a fighting chance in life for tomorrow’s ahead.

Join the Avocado DAO. Let’s work together to push past obstacles and help make lives a little bit brighter for others.

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