Play2Educate | Avocado DAO’s Cryptoliteracy program begins putting down roots

In the island of Sipaway in Negros Occidental, Philippines stands a centuries-old Banyan (known locally as balete) tree. It looks strong, majestic, and self-reliant, but it’s never alone. The local community protects it, and people from across the world travel to admire its ability to survive and endure shifting conditions for generations.

The tree belongs to the ecosystem within the grounds of San Juan Elementary School (SJES). Teachers and students face big waves and strong winds every day as they board boats from San Carlos City and cross the sea to attend school. They teach and learn and grow and evolve to establish and realize their places in the community.

It seems only fitting then that Avocado DAO’s Play2Educate Cryptoliteracy Program started with this centuries-old tree, for trees represent knowledge, change, and stability over time. It’s putting roots down in the larger community of life.

To help the school cope during the Covid-19 pandemic, AG donated printing materials and school supplies to help with the modular learning setup adopted by the Philippine education system.

Avocado’s Play2Educate Cryptoliteracy Program did not only give GameFi scholarships to the students and teachers of San Juan Elementary School, it also hosted a webinar about blockchain technology and the Gamfi’s space to assist them in unlocking their full potential so more can be accomplished beyond the classroom.

“Times are changing. By opening our minds to Avocado’s Play2Educate program, we get the chance to collaborate with global peers, find solutions to real-world problems, and work on matters important to the lives around us, particularly in terms of helping our students imagine possibilities available to them by learning to live with and interact with the world of tomorrow,” said Sherry Lee Jamito, an Avocado scholar and another teacher from SJES.

Play2Educate program is for those who believe in tomorrow — that knowledge is the seedbed that gives birth to new worlds and possibilities. It aims to promote literacy and good attitudes not just toward cryptocurrency, but toward technology and interconnectivity.

“Avocado’s Play2Educate program can help lift the knowledge and education of our beneficiaries. Apart from reaching out to schools, we’re also working on empowering our scholars to help share the educational resources and benefits some of us already have. That’s one of our ways to make a difference,” said Ahmad Lutfi, facilitator of the Cryptoliteracy program webinar.

1 of 4 webinars conducted across PH’s Schools

For remote schools, the gradual adoption and use of technology could also help them become less dependent on printed modules. For SJES particularly, Avocado’s scholarship can help drive and enable better interconnectivity and reduce or eliminate risks when traveling by boat to produce and collect learning modules.

“This is a success story already. Having heard of Avocado’s core programs [Play2Empower, Play2Educate, and Play2Enrich], I hope our students will share what they learned from today so they can spread the spirit of learning, earning, and growing that the webinar afforded us,” added Sherry Lee. “If we can take the message to other schools and say, “Look, here’s a way to motivate and empower the Filipino youth. They can expand their knowledge of the developing world, grow and become big enough to be involved in community-building activities while allowing them to earn for themselves, help their families, and have fun. Here’s a way to give them a sense of hope that they can go beyond the limits they thought were unreachable before Avocado approached us,” she added.

Nature is all about sharing. When you listen to its steady heartbeat, you can hear it rising — evolving. It’s saying we can all branch out to help each other and grow together, hopefully for all of time. Just like the Avocado DAO.

And so to new Avocadians from the Play2Educate program, welcome to the Metaverse. May you thrive and prosper as the future unfolds. Our Play2Educate campaign will reach far and wide, from PH to Indoneisa.

Join the Avocado DAO. Together we can plant seeds of initiatives to benefit individuals, impact their local communities, and help shape the future.

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives