GameFi | Setting a new standard in the GameFi space — Avocado DAO partners with Lootex

Avocado DAO is pleased to announce our partnership with Lootex — the NFT trading platform that’s taking the GameFi world by storm. Lootex is a decentralized marketplace where players can browse, buy, sell, and trade their NFT assets across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BSC), and Polygon (MATIC).

Gaming marketplaces are on the rise throughout the Metaverse, as the demand for a convenient, singular location to trade NFT assets surges among gamers. We have chosen to partner with Lootex because they are player-centric — which means they put the needs of players at the forefront of everything they do. Lootex is a highly efficient and convenient trading experience — built by gamers, for gamers. Players from around the world can confidently trade their NFT assets from numerous games, across multiple block dev chains and enjoy their experience whilst using Lootex.

This core focus on players will push Lootex to constantly evolve their platform to better support the web3 space, our scholars’ experience, and the wider GameFi community, and we’re here for it!

“All decisions made at Avocado DAO are in the best interest of our scholars. We believe Lootex’s transparent and decentralized NFT marketplace will help our scholars to facilitate their virtual assets on the blockchain.

Lootex is forging the next generation of NFT trading, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.” — Brendan Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, Avocado DAO

What makes Lootex unique?

Lootex is a gamers one-stop-shop for all things NFT
Want to know which blockchain games are Top Ranking right now? Or which games are new to the Metaverse? Look no further, Lootex has you covered. As well as being an outstanding cross-chain NFT trading platform, Lootex provides its users with all the latest blockchain gaming info and stats to help them make the most of their virtual assets.

Lootex — built by gamers, for gamers.
Launched in 2018, Lootex was founded by game development and blockchain industry veterans David Tseng and Justine Lu. Justine was recently named one of the most influential people in the Taiwan Blockchain Industry for 2022, according to Blocktempo.

“Our mission is to liberate game asset ownership and connect blockchain games to traditional players. By providing a game-oriented NFT marketplace, players are able to trade and discover the value of their hard work and accomplishments,” — Justine Lu, CEO and co-founder of Lootex.

Lootex is experiencing an unprecedented amount of business growth — last November 2021, they surpassed 2.1 million USD in monthly transactions, and it’s not stopping there. The Lootex marketplace currently features over 12,000 NFT assets and 498 collections, hosts over 4,000 NFT projects and 200 specific pages, and has a thriving online community with over 80,000 monthly active users.

Why Lootex?

We believe Lootex stands out from the crowd for two reasons: usability and functionality. The Lootex team has created a user-friendly platform which takes the confusion out of NFTs and trading gaming assets. This usability and positive gamer experience is a unique selling point that will appeal to traditional players and introduce them to blockchain games, which in return, will support the growth of the GameFi ecosystem.

The Lootex team has thought of all the functionalities their users could want and need from a NFT trading platform. As well as being a cross-chain, decentralized marketplace that provides international, transparent, and safe NFT auctions through peer-to-peer (P2P), with little to no fees. They also remove the need for a middleman to make their users’ virtual assets tangible. Lootex developed Forge — a NFT minting service that allows users to turn their digital creations into real, valuable, virtual assets.

Lootex’s amalgamation of Forge, Vault and Marketplace makes for an exceptional experience for gamers — the creation, custody, and trading of NFTs is all taken care of with Lootex. It’s the ultimate trifecta for web3gamers! Everything a gamer could need to make the most of their digital assets.

We’re thrilled to partner with a forward-thinking team like Lootex. Their platform is setting the standard for a gamer’s experience and will, without a doubt, continue to support GameFi and Web 3.0 ecosystems for years to come.

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Website | Twitter | Telegram (EN) | Medium | Discord | Facebook

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives