It’s time to ascend to Godhood as Avocado DAO partners with Apeiron

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4 min readMay 10, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Apeiron — an action role-playing (ARPG) god game where players take on the divine duty of a god to shape their own planet and orchestrate the fate of civilizations within the Apeiron universe.

Apeiron is the world’s first ‘god-game’ style GameFi scheduled to launch on the blockchain later this year and we’re delighted to be an investment partnership with them as they develop within the space.

Partnering and investing in such games as Apeiron supports our mission to onboard more scholars and further educate our current scholars across new, emerging genres of games. We believe Apeiron will help to educate and upskill our scholars in a new genre of GameFi, as it will expand their blockchain gaming horizons and set them up to become the future generation of web3 users.” Brendan Wong — Co-Founder, Avocado DAO

What is Apeiron?

Inside the world of Apeiron, players will take on the role of god in a mystical, multi-colored universe to create, grow and manage their own planets. Planets are populated by adorable little creatures known as ‘Doods’, for which the players are responsible. Players can descend from godhood and head down to their planet as operational Avatars to engage in combat, interact with their Planet and explore the mysteries of the Apeiron universe. Check out the Apeiron game teaser trailer now — you’ll quickly fall in love with the Doods!

Apeiron’s gameplay is built upon three pillars: god-game simulation, action role-playing game, and NFT Ownership.

God-game Simulation — Where players own, develop and explore planets in Apeiron. There are 15 different planet archetypes for players to discover and breed, so the elemental combinations and enjoyment levels in god-game simulation are endless!

Action Roleplay (PvE & PvP) — Once a planet is established and thriving, players can unlock and inhabit the planet’s Avatar to physically interact with their planet, interact with Doods, explore other worlds, compete in tournaments and fight monsters to earn rewards and tokens.

NFT Ownership — There are three main NFTs in Apeiron: Planets, Stars and Relics. Each of these are made up of a combination of different traits and attributes which make them unique NFTs that can be bought and sold in public marketplaces.

Unlike other blockchain games, Apeiron uses a tri-token model for its in-game economy, as they believe in giving the power to the players. This tri-token model, including the unique token — Anima, which provides players with full ownership of what they produce in the Apeiron metaverse.

Apeiros (APRS) is Apeiron’s governance token, which will allow token holders to take part in the voting processes that will affect the future development of the Apeiron universe. The supply of Apeiros will be fixed and can be traded freely among players.

Anima is Apeiron’s token, which is used to reward dedicated players who accomplish certain tasks in the game. Anima tokens aren’t fixed and may be generated as a reward for completing missions, winning PvP encounters and through events.

Ringularity (RINGU) is Apeiron’s premium Team 2 Earn token, which is distributed to teams that complete guild-based events and challenges. These premium tokens encourage social gameplay and are a rewarding incentive for players to strive towards as a team.

If you would like to find out more about the world of Apeiron — including key game features, player incentives, a map of the Apeiron ‘Godiverse’, the advanced technology they’ll be using and more — check out their extensive White Paper here.

Apeiron x Avocado DAO

One of our core objectives for 2022 is to continue investing in the leaders of the GameFi, DeFi and blockchain ecosystems. The team behind Apeiron (Foonie Magus Pte Ltd) are the GameFi leaders of tomorrow — their combined crypto knowledge and extensive experience in the gaming world makes for an unstoppable team. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and we expect them to take charge in the GameFi and blockchain gaming industry.

“I speak with many, many guilds each week, but when you talk about guilds that are truly influential and deeply passionate — it has to be Avocado. Rather than impose their structure top-down, these guys have built from the bottom up, and scaled through the strength of their incredible community. I’m excited to work alongside them as partners and a student, to grow together, adapt to challenges, and ultimately, to thrive together as web3 builders!” Frank Cheng — CEO & Co-Founder, Foonie Magus & Aither Entertainment

Ascend to Godhood and join the Apeiron universe today:

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