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3 min readOct 12, 2021

It’s time to gain new grounds, explore new adventures, and conquer the latest GameFi scene with Elpis Battle.

Reinforcing its commitment to facilitate the wider adoption of GameFi and give its scholars the space and opportunities to earn more rewards and have fun, the Avocado DAO throws its support behind a strategic partnership with the NFT RPG game Elpis Battle.

True to its mission to inspire NFT gamers to thrive while advancing the community’s shift to the Metaverse, Avocado DAO’s strategic partnership with Elpis Battle is focused on collaboration and the sustainable growth of the web3 gaming ecosystem through funding and providing users to boost awareness, springboard the game, and encourage participation.

Elpis Battle is a role-playing NFT game developed on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchain platforms. It is a tactical turn-based game where a player’s main goal is to assemble a group of characters to collect NFTs, battle, and explore the eight planets in Elpis.

The players can trade these assets with other gamers to earn additional income. Additionally, Elpis Battle also creates an economy in which the players contribute and receive rewards based on their contribution.

Elpis is a world where players not only explore stories about an imaginary kingdom but also can directly create value and exchange, buy and sell, and become a part of the economy in Elpis.

In Elpis’ social world, players can participate and interact in many roles. The game has features such as Mining, Mill, Recruit, Train, Quest, Dungeon, Arena, and Guild where they can improve their equipment systems, skills, pets, and consumable items.

Elpis Battle players can build groups, join clans to gain large-scale in-game rewards, and earn an income by selling or providing items they collect in the game.

With a broader vision, the Elpis team aims to create the Elpis World universe, a gaming ecosystem with diverse gameplay that meets the demands of different audiences but uses the common NFT throughout the Elpis World.

Through supporting games like Elpis Battle and with a shared love for play and winning in the Avocadian community, the Avocado DAO aims to bring scholars the best of many worlds in the Metaverse — encouraging scholars to explore other web3 games to increase their earning potential, stay in the community, and invite others along with them.

Through the GameFi model, the Avocado DAO motivates people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds — even the novice, the unaware, and the inexperienced in the world of crypto — to step into the Metaverse and monetize the time they’re spending online.

By combining Cryptocurrency, NFT Gaming, and Defi, Elpis Battle creates an attractive new experience for players. The Avocado DAO is excited to offer the game to its scholars and is looking forward to similar future collaborations to further empower the community.

Watch out for the Avocado DAO x Elpis Battle NFT Giveaway coming soon.

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