GameFi | Avocado DAO partners with Heroes Chained to transform the blockchain gaming industry.

The next gaming blockchain revolution is here!

Heroes Chained is pushing boundaries and putting the focus back on the gaming experience. Backed and built by a renowned team of award-winning developers, designers, gamers, and industry-leading creative minds (including the legendary Hollywood Art Director, Onur Can Cayli), Heroes Chained is set to revolutionise the GameFi industry in their quest to achieve blockchain mass adoption.

Heroes Chained x Avocado DAO

There are two main reasons we’ve chosen to partner with Heroes Chained. Firstly, their vision for blockchain mass adoption. One of the underlying motives behind our recent Avocado DAO launch was to facilitate environments in which more people can be exposed to blockchain technologies and enable them to capitalize on opportunities within different metaverses.

Together, we’re a match made in Metaverse heaven!

Secondly, the P&E initiative that Heroes Chained encourages is another reason we elected to partner with them. Why? Because we want to empower our Avocadians. We want nothing more than our 10,000+ scholars and 60,000+ Discord members to enjoy their gaming experience while they earn.



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