GameFi | Avocado DAO acquires their own virtual land on DROPP to continue fortifying the GameFi ecosystem

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3 min readFeb 7, 2022


DROPP everything as we venture into a new paradigm: bringing real world interaction and tangibility to the metaverse! We are delighted to announce our partnership with Dropp as we stake our own virtual Dropp Land plot- a scintillating Avo-tinental Building with forthcoming world-famous NFT airdrops.

Amongst the decentralized skyscrapers, our passion stands tall as we perennially strive to support the GameFi industry and provide greater earning opportunities for all. And with Dropp set to redefine NFT minting culture altogether, we are thrilled for our partnership to unveil unimaginable opportunities to promote, earn and create. All at the peak of Web3 innovation.

About Dropp: Geo Based Exclusive NFT Minting

Built on Solana, Dropp is a social NFT minting platform that is surmounting barriers and mapping the real world to the metaverse. Revolutionizing the way consumers perceive digital culture, Dropp is the first ever NFT minting platform to work with renowned global artists, all enabled by their exclusive geo-minting technology. We’re putting the pop in pop-culture and shifting the crowd to the metaverse!

Strongly aligned with our core philosophies, Dropp aims to empower the current NFT market by creating physical minting events whilst heightening the crypto literacy of the wider community. Via “Geo-Location’’ technology, all users can gather in designated locations to mint exclusive NFT drops, with increased collector’s value when the physical locations coincide with the Metaverse. Together, we are incredibly excited to see our partnership broaden the GameFi audience, grow the economy and bring the industry one step closer to mainstream!

About Dropp Land

Dropp Land itself is the first social metaverse land mimicking the real world using unique Dymaxion Projection. Users can purchase virtual plots as NFT tokens where their counterpart is actually in the physical, real world. Each land becomes a promotional portal for their business, idea, or brand and users can add liquidity and stake their LAND to unlock $DROPP token rewards!

Avocado DAO x Dropp

Through the surfacing of our very own Avotinetal Building on Dropp Land, we are delighted to be able to continue our passion: supporting new developments in Web3 infrastructure to ensure the GameFi economy continues to thrive for years to come.

Our land staking on Dropp will allow us to cement our commitment whilst granting us the following Land Utilities:

1. Landowners will be granted the capacity to stake native tokens, with the amount of tokens dependent on the size of their land. For example, on large land, users have the ability to stake 100K USD worth of tokens.

2. The land will give access to early NFT minting based on specific regions. For example, if they drop a Nike NFT collection in LA, all landowners residing in the LA region will get early access.

3. They will commence with small batches every month with their unique selection of districts, which will have unique landmarks owned by their collaboration partners and investors. They will be announcing the partners and whitelisting for each district.

4. Every month, since they have a lot of top-tier NFTs, they will conduct exclusive airdrops for lucky landowners e.g an NFT worth 10k.

5. Users or brands that wish to drop NFT collections on our land will need to pay us fees to use our land.

Beyond just a guild that onboards players, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves as ecosystem builders, with a primary hope to continue enriching lives. Amongst the refracted lights within the hustle and bustle of the cities, our vision to support the developments of blockchain gaming will glimmer throughout this revolutionary new metaverse land.

Through our partnership with Dropp, we’re not simply creating a new headline.

We’re creating a new reality.

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