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4 min readNov 17, 2022

Avocado DAO is excited to launch its very own Questing Portal. This extension of our current website further enhances our services and how we can reward active community members! We have tons of fun quests and even more exciting rewards to suit all levels and gaming styles. From merch to educational courses and guaranteed scholarships, this opens a whole new world of opportunities for Avocadians and soon for new users to come on board and join in.

The Questing Portal
The Questing Portal is the latest Avocado product that engages and rewards platform active users. This gives players gamified quests which enable them to collect Avocado eXperience Points (AXP) which they can exchange for merch, share increases, gaming perks, NFTs, and skilled learning courses for personal development. It opens a new world of opportunities, brings the community together to talk about their achievements, and helps the scholars to gain more benefits from their contributions at Avocado by rewarding the most active members of the community. Check out the trailer!

The Questing Portal gives us the ability to better iterate the mechanics of the platform and gain a deeper understanding of user preferences which in turn allows us to provide a better service to our community.

Overview of the Portal’s Current Features
You can view different quests on the ‘Quest’ tab:

You can track your progress, rewards, and quests in the ‘Achievements’ tab:

AXP and Seed Points
Earn Avocado Experience Points (AXP) in our questing platform. By completing quests, you can earn points. As you gain AXP by doing different quests, you will also level up. When you level up and gain a new level, you will receive SEEDS which you can spend on items e.g. merchandise, real-life rewards, and scholarship incentives! Not to mention your free daily login reward!

Quests and Rewards from the Avo-shop
Quests range from learning about crypto with the community to carrying out in-game quests which will enable them to receive points. Even daily log-in will grant users extra points, all of which can be spent in the Avo shop. Again, here, there are tons of great prizes to be won and collected, from NFTs to scholarships, exciting raffles to major share increases, and educational Microsoft and coding courses to kickstart your career. There is something for everyone in the quests and the rewards, so users can constantly grow and benefit from their participation.

Scholarship program partners
The portal gives scholars the opportunity to collect points for quests in our scholarship games such as Genopets where players can level up and gain AXP. They also get the chance to participate in game testing, for example, users will get to test drive new games in beta phase before they are even released, and gain AXP points all while playing new games! Through these quests, active scholars are rewarded and recognized for their progress and gaming achievements.


We will add more features over time and we are always open to suggestions and would love to hear what else our community would like to see on our questing portal. This enables us to provide a platform that truly reflects the wants and needs of the users.

Anyone who wants to take part can access the portal and join the Avocado family by completing quests. It’s a great way for new users to test the ground, have fun and win prizes and rewards for playing their favorite games or completing fun quests that get them thinking about different aspects of blockchain. You can check out the Questing portal here.

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