Enter the Mojoverse! Avocado DAO Partners with, and Invests in, the new gaming Metaverse — Planet Mojo

What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo x Avocado DAO

  1. Play-and-Earn focused — Planet Mojo is devoted to creating a metaverse that is as enticing and exciting to play as it is to earn. Planet Mojo knows that Play-and-Earn is the future of blockchain gaming.
  2. Community Driven — Community is everything at Planet Mojo. Along with eventually providing their players with governance decisions and influence, they want their entire community to be seen, heard and respected, via all channels. We’re excited for our Avocadians to join the Planet Mojo community!
  3. Environmentally Conscious — Not only is Planet Mojo’s aesthetic an eco-friendly environment, but they built their platform with the environment in mind too. They built their platform on the Polygon blockchain because of its incredibly low gas fees. And, they plan to partner with carbon neutral and environmental groups in the future in order to give back and help planet earth on a regular basis. Way to go, Planet Mojo! 🌿



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