Enter the Mojoverse! Avocado DAO Partners with, and Invests in, the new gaming Metaverse — Planet Mojo

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6 min readMar 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Planet Mojo — the sensational new gaming metaverse set to raise the bar of what is expected for new, up-and-coming digital blockchain games and platforms.

Built on the Polygon blockchain and created by dedicated gaming development veterans from highly esteemed companies such as LucasArts, EA, Activision and HappyGiant. Planet Mojo is a magical metaverse where players can compete with their NFT-owned customized teams in a suite of PvP, Play-and-Earn games and tournaments, all the while being taken on a mystical journey in a new world.

We’re thrilled to partner with the devoted team over at Mystic Moose (Planet Mojo’s parent company) and to invest in the ongoing development of Planet Mojo and the Mojoverse!

What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo is an evolving ecosystem. It’s a digital world, playfully named the Mojoverse, set to host an ever-expanding catalog of exhilarating games and aesthetically mesmerizing environments. Players can deploy their digital assets, battle against other players, enter tournaments, complete quests to earn tokens, rewards, purchase land (Biomes) and customize their own personal plot of land in Planet Mojo.

So far, Planet Mojo and their first game — Mojo Melee, are raising the bar for blockchain games in terms of outstanding visuals and community engagement. The aesthetic of Planet Mojo can be described in two words — organic and magical.

Glorious Graphics:
One look at their adorable plant-based, magical characters, the ‘Mojos’ and you’re hooked. Mojos are playable game characters that will be necessary for Biome (Land) and Auto Chess gameplay where they cast magical abilities. All Mojos are born from a magical Moj-Seed and no two are the same. Every Mojo buyer will receive a Moj-Seed that sprouts into a one-of-a-kind Mojo! The first Mojo drop will feature four different plant-based Mojos — Leaves, Vines, Flower and Moss.

Planet Mojo is made up of clans, full of common earth-like creatures (i.e., Bears, Rhinos and Racoons). The Clans are spread across the planet into regional zones that have varying terrestrial biomes.

Champions come from the Clans within Planet Mojo and are bound to protect the Mojos. Champions are warriors sent out into the planet’s wild to form alliances and protect the land from evil. Similar to Mojos, no two Champions are the same. Each Champion has its own class, combat abilities, stats and leveling properties.

A Community of Champions:
Planet Mojo recently hosted a friendly competition — the Mojo Adoption Program — where community members could show off their extraordinary talents, participate in the development of the Mojoverse and help foster Planet Mojo’s growth! All the while, striving for an AllowList spot, to become one of Planet Mojo’s first Mojo Adopters and gain access to Planet Mojo’s first Mojo drop!

The purpose of this community program is to reward individuals who are dedicated to the game (Mojo Melee) and the Mojoverse, as well as expand the Planet Mojo community. Check out the incredible artwork, memes and social chops from the blossoming Planet Mojo community here: #MojoRising #FoundMyMojo.

Planet Mojo’s gameplay is constantly evolving. There will be a variety of game types for solo and clan play, as well as more game modes, content and new games entirely. Planet Mojo’s first games will process the following gameplay:

Biome (Land Play) — The player’s ‘home base’ for their Mojos, and more. Players can purchase land Biome NFTs as homes to their Mojos and build a place where valuable resources can be collected and crafted.

Mojo Melee (AutoChess/PvP) — In Mojo Melee, players will have the option to own their teams as NFTs and earn $ORE, or play for free with the hopes of getting into tournaments to earn ŞMOJ and other rewards.

The following tokens will be available for use in Planet Mojos in-game economy:

ŞMOJ — is the native ERC-20 Token of Planet Mojo. Everything from staking, to in-game payments, to governance will be used for $MOJ at a discount to the $USDC rate of services.

ORE — is the in-game utility and reward soft currency that allows players to upgrade their NFTs. $ORE can be earned in AutoChess.

BATTLE STONES (NFTs) — Battle Stones are entry tickets for players to gain access to paid tournaments. They are crafted NFTs and can be bought and sold on the Mojo Marketplace for $MOJ.

Planet Mojo x Avocado DAO

There are three main reasons we chose to partner with Planet Mojo:

  1. Play-and-Earn focused — Planet Mojo is devoted to creating a metaverse that is as enticing and exciting to play as it is to earn. Planet Mojo knows that Play-and-Earn is the future of blockchain gaming.
  2. Community Driven — Community is everything at Planet Mojo. Along with eventually providing their players with governance decisions and influence, they want their entire community to be seen, heard and respected, via all channels. We’re excited for our Avocadians to join the Planet Mojo community!
  3. Environmentally Conscious — Not only is Planet Mojo’s aesthetic an eco-friendly environment, but they built their platform with the environment in mind too. They built their platform on the Polygon blockchain because of its incredibly low gas fees. And, they plan to partner with carbon neutral and environmental groups in the future in order to give back and help planet earth on a regular basis. Way to go, Planet Mojo! 🌿

Even though it’s still in its early stages, we predict that Planet Mojo and their Mojoverse will quickly become a thriving ecosystem with a variety of games that will continue to grow and diversify with governance-level directions from the Planet Mojo community of champions.

We can’t wait to kick-start this partnership, continue to invest in the future of Planet Mojo and see what the future holds for the Mojoverse!

Become a Planet Mojo community champion and join the Mojoverse today:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Medium

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