One account — One set of credentials: Avocado DAO partners with GameSwift

Avocado DAO is delighted to announce its partnership with GameSwift, a project building an ecosystem set to revolutionize web3 gaming. Its flagship products are the GameSwift Platform and ID which provide a one-stop solution for gamers to consolidate their credentials, NFT assets, scores, and achievements in one place.

Partnered with Polygon Studios, and boasting an experienced team behind the project, GameSwift has developed a one-stop platform that combines the love of gaming, solid infrastructure, and decentralized financial technologies. The project is on a mission to become one of the largest web3 gaming communities by facilitating access to dApps and games through their dedicated multi-chain gaming identity solution inbuilt into the platform. GameSwift is set to match its web2 counterparts such as Steam and Epic Games as well as onboard traditional gamers into the web3 space.

The function is two-fold: at the front end, it provides the gaming community with an easy-to-use platform that enables them to build a user profile that consolidates all their gaming activity. At the backend, the platform provides a much-needed layer solution that can easily be built into any web3 game development.

An Out-of-the-Box Community Tool
From a community perspective, GameSwift ID is a powerful community tool that allows users to build their gaming profile, keep track of their stats and join a larger community of web3 gamers. Having a platform that consolidates all gamer information facilitates access and enables users to log into one place with ease.

Community is at the forefront of Avocado DAO’s values and facilitating the process is something we are passionate about to onboard users into blockchain technology. GameSwift will play a major role in de-complicating web3 gaming, lowering some of the barriers to entry and enabling non-web3 players to jump on board through a simplified process.

Through the development of its interoperable chain, GameSwift solves many of the problems that gamers face. Users will benefit from lower gas fees, fast transactions, superior security, and an entire suite of interoperable products. A one-stop wallet, that is part of the GameSwift ID solution, offers multi-chain compatibility and currently integrates three major Web3 wallets; MetaMask, Phantom, and Trust Wallet.

A Game Development Solution

With an open-source network, GameSwift enables game studios to integrate this layer into their creations. This allows GameSwift to onboard game developers who can deploy this solution to benefit their community and facilitate entry by providing a one-stop platform to collate their gaming assets, crypto, and gaming stats. Another two features that will prove priceless are the GameSwift SDKs for developers and the unique Analytics tools that will help game studios, gaming guilds, and the end user to benefit from the data gathered directly from the games.

The platform includes some key features with high-speed transactions, ultra-low gas fees, and reliant network infrastructure. Optimized to enable any game to securely launch on the GameSwift chain, GameSwift’s solution provides high-quality security for all protocols deployed on its chain whilst building on top of Polygon’s solid network that is rapidly rising in the gaming sector. GameSwift is also fully carbon neutral and offers a clean solution that aims to offer a sustainable future in the web3 space.

Avocado DAO x GameSwift
With a wealth of experience and strong partners on board, GameSwift has great potential to welcome the next million users into web3. The ecosystem provides a range of features that will benefit Avocado DAO’s gaming community, as well as providing strong analytics tools that can be utilized from the front and back end.

Avocado DAO’s core focus is on providing our community with useful tools that facilitate their journey in web3 gaming, as well as simplifying the onboarding process for new users. The platform not only brings the community under one roof with one solution and one set of credentials, but provides both players and games with key features, statistics, and analytical data which will support improvement and growth. From a game development point of view, we aim to support our projects to deploy the latest technology into their game and we believe that GameSwift offers a solid solution.

We are delighted to partner with GameSwift to work together, growing the web3 gaming community and facilitating access for new and existing players. We look forward to the future of gaming and working with GameSwift to move toward mainstream adoption.

You can find out more about GameSwift via the links below:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives