Let the games begin! — Avocado DAO partners with Arcade Galaxy

We’re delighted to announce our newest partnership with Arcade Galaxy — a Play&Earn arcade built on the Avalanche blockchain, where anyone — both newcomers and veterans to cryptocurrency — can play and launch their NFT journey for free!

Our all-encompassing mission at Avocado is to provide more to many, and we’re supporting this mission through partnerships such as these. Arcade Galaxy has accessible and intuitive gameplay that appeals to both players and creators. When it officially launches (game prototype scheduled for Q3 2022), it will unlock the limitless potential of Play&Earn.

What is Arcade Galaxy?

Arcade Galaxy is just that — an arcade that lives within the metaverse! It’s a multi-game world full of unique avatars called ‘Cubs’. Half-cube and half-animal, these adorable creatures are fully customizable NFTs and ready to compete on your behalf in tournaments for fun, earning potential, and glory. It is truly a universe of fun and games.

Want to hop over to this virtual arcade to see how your planets, games, and assets are doing? This is what Arcade Galaxy provides, a one-stop thrill ride for its users — a central focus on fun whilst playing and earning on the blockchain. Take a look at the most recent trailer for Arcade Galaxy below!

In keeping with the simplicity of Arcade Galaxy, there are two gameplay modes, two tokens, and two NFT items within this platform.

Gameplay — Free or Tournament

Any player in Arcade Galaxy has the choice to start a free public or private game lobby on any available planet. Additionally, competitive players can pay an entry fee with $RCADE, one of the platform’s tokens, to participate in tournaments to earn rewards.

Tokens — $RCADE and $LFG

Arcade Galaxy has a dual token model. $RCADE is their governance token that can be staked and traded externally in the market. While $LFG is their internal coin, used exclusively for in-game transactions. Players can earn both tokens by winning games and tournaments within Arcade Galaxy.

NFTs available — Cubs and Planets

Players can make their in-game NFT avatars, Cubs, unique and more desirable for trades by customizing them and leveling them up in completed tournaments. Planets are also tradable NFTs that exist in the Arcade Galaxy metaverse, however, there is a limited supply of them at any given time.

Planet owners have the power to share and cultivate content from across the community, facilitating growth and user-created experiences that make Arcade Galaxy that much more special. There are multiple ways a player can utilize their planet, read Arcade Galaxy’s full whitepaper here for more information.

Avocado X Arcade Galaxy

Our values strongly align with that of Arcade Galaxy, because we both believe that Web3 is going to revolutionize the industry, but is a long way from being fully realized. Arcade Galaxy understands that the best way to fast forward this revolution is through the adoption of user-driven principles, NFTs, and GameFi. By developing an inclusive online world that has a mass appeal, Arcade Galaxy has set a new standard for GameFi platforms in the Play&Earn ecosystem.

Avocadians, get excited for this partnership! The wheels are in motion and there are many exciting announcements to come. First up is Arcade Galaxy’s fast-approaching mint day of May 20th — lock that date in your calendars now.

Arcade Galaxy will make waves in the Play&Earn space and we’re delighted to partner with such a forward-thinking platform and team.

Join the Arcade Galaxy world today!

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives