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3 min readMay 27, 2022


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve gone into partnership with GameFi.org! An all-in-one discovery gaming hub for games, guilds, and metaverses. GameFi.org is an extensive platform built for gamers, developers and investors to build relationships, stay up to date and support the overall growth of the GameFi ecosystem.

One of our main goals at Avocado DAO for 2022 is to invest in the leaders of GameFi, DeFi and blockchain protocols. Going into partnership with GameFi.org represents our support in growing the ever-expanding GameFi ecosystem because GameFi.org is a game-changer within the GameFi universe and are going the extra mile to support the web3 users of tomorrow.

We’re delighted to partner with GameFi.org because of the opportunities it presents to our scholars and the wider community. We are heavily focused on upskilling our scholars and developing the next generation of web3 users, therefore, supplying them with access to such platforms as GameFi.org we know will support their educational journey ten-fold!” Brendan Wong, Avocado DAO Co-Founder

What makes GameFi.org unique?

The GameFi industry is a booming economy and GameFi.org stands out amongst the crowd because it offers the most extensive collection of resources to its users. Since their launch in August 2021, they now offer the following:

  • GameFi Launchpad — The ultimate go-to gaming destination
  • GameFi Hub — An extensive collection of the industry’s most creative blockchain games, where players, investors, and traders can receive in-depth information about their game modes, game studios, whitepapers, tokenomics and planned IGO events.
  • GameFi Marketplace — A marketplace for everyone to track and trade their in-game assets from various games or projects. And it’s updated in real-time!
  • GameFi Earn — A one-stop service that allows users to earn interest on their crypto savings. It offers different types of funds, including Flexible and Fixed pools with competitive interest rates.

And more launching soon!

SNEAK PEEK: GameFi.org is also developing a ‘Guild Hub’. Which will be an all-in-one discovery hub for gamers within guilds to connect, recruit and expand their networks. We are excited for Avocado DAO to be part of the GameFi.org Guild Hub so that our Avocadians can broaden their horizons and connect with like-minded individuals.

Another unique feature of GameFi.org is that it was built for all within the industry, as well as gamers — it truly is its own ecosystem! GameFi developers and investors are encouraged to use GameFi.org’s resources to facilitate relationships to increase their brand awareness and exposure within the metaverse.

Avocado X GameFi.org

The team behind GameFi.org are an experienced group of individuals dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the gaming and metaverse industry. Each project they launch on GameFi.org is hand-picked by the team and chosen for its outstanding benefits to its users. The GameFi.org team is focused on long-term development for their users and it is because of this value, that we’ve chosen to go into partnership with them.

We are thrilled to partner with GameFi.org and their team, as they continue to revolutionize the GameFi industry. We predict that GameFi.org will quickly become our Avocadian’s go-to platform for all things GameFi. Including building new relationships with other scholars, advancing their gaming portfolio and staying up to date with the fast-paced industry. We have no doubt that GameFi.org will enrich the lives of our scholars and the GameFi ecosystem for years to come.

Join the GameFi.org ecosystem today!

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