Embark on the Bumpies Odyssey Quest: A New Horizon in Gaming and Rewards

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3 min readMar 19, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of digital gaming and blockchain technology, a new chapter is unfolding with the upcoming release of the Bumpies Brawl Quest. Set for release in the first half of 2024, Bumpies Brawl Quest is a casual game built on the Base Network.

At the heart of this game lies the Bumpies token, the on-chain token of Bumpies, an essential element for players aiming to nourish and level up your Bumpies, the game’s central characters. The token will be sold through a fair launch to ensure full-price discovery. This approach allows for a transparent and equitable distribution mechanism, ensuring that all participants have equal access to the token at its market value.

Before the fair launch, we are inviting you to join the Bumpies Odyssey Quest, our airdrop campaign designed for our community! This airdrop event will enable you to receive Bumpies tokens, providing you a significant head start in our upcoming game launch. The Bumpies Odyssey Quest not only offers a chance to earn airdrop points but also serves as the first step towards an enriched gaming journey with Bumpies.

The Bumpies Odyssey Quest Unveiled

The Bumpies Odyssey Quest offers an engaging way to earn points through quests. This event invites you to dive into a series of quests, rewarding your success with airdrop points. The greater the number of points you accumulate, the larger the token airdrop allocation you will receive!

Snapshot Recap

On the 8th of March, 2024, at 3 PM SGT, we took a snapshot for Bumpie NFT holders, establishing a key milestone for the first wave of token airdrop. Ownership of a Bumpie NFT at the time of this snapshot guaranteed an allocation for the upcoming token airdrop. For a detailed list of holders eligible for the airdrop based on the snapshot, please visit this page.

Bumpies Odyssey Quest Event

Following the snapshot, we’re introducing the Bumpies Odyssey Quest, a campaign that will give you the chance to earn token airdrops by completing the quest. Whether you’re a Bumpie NFT holder or new to the community, the Bumpies Odyssey Quest is your opportunity to engage further with Bumpies and potentially increase your token airdrop allocation.

Steps necessary to earn points for the airdrop

  • Follow Bumpies on X
  • Third Time’s a Charm: Minted 3 or more Bumpies
  • Bumpie Overlords: Minted an Epic or Galactic Bumpie
  • The Coolest People on Earth: Hold a Bumpie in your wallet
  • Diamond Hands: Minted a Bumpie within 30 days from the public mint (December 23, 2023) and held it until now
  • Join Bumpies’ Discord Server

More Bumpies for more airdrop points? No problem, you can mint your very own Bumpies for a 0.007 ETH on Base Network!

For a closer look at the Bumpie Odyssey Quest and to begin your quest, visit our event page.

Why Join the Bumpies Odyssey Quest?

The Bumpies Odyssey Quest stands as more than just a campaign; it’s an opportunity to be part of a growing community and gain rewards that will enrich your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Bumpie holder or new to the ecosystem, the Bumpie Odyssey Quest welcomes you to be part of its community!

About Bumpies

Bumpies, a unique NFT collection powered by Avocado DAO, is revolutionizing the Web3 gaming landscape by fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. The Bumpies NFT is your access pass to upcoming Bumpies games, events, and feature launches, as well as privileged access and exclusive benefits in forthcoming product releases.

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