Avocado partners with Rebel Bots to join forces in Xoil Wars!

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4 min readApr 15, 2022

Avocado is delighted to invest in Rebel Bots and partner up for their very first title release: Xoil Wars! This digital collectible card game combines NFT utility with strategic battle that will keep players coming back for Xoil, the resource the bots rely on for survival.

The creators are well versed in mobile game development, working with Gameloft, Playtika and Tencent, among other industry leaders. Backed by prominent investors such as Ubisoft, the team has designed a sturdy roadmap that encompasses several elements to bring this PvP card battle game to web3 with multilayered rewarding opportunities.

Xoil Wars can be played in single or multiplayer mode, where bots attempt to conquer their opponents in PvP battles to collect game resources, earn rewards and climb the leaderboards to win season prizes. Alternatively, gamers can choose to fight hostile aliens and complete daily challenges to win XOIL rewards in adventure mode.

What is Xoil Wars?

The bots set off from Earth to find a planet of their own after being cast aside and exterminated by humans in 2052. They sought a planet that could support life and provide energy for the bots to survive. Years were spent floating through the galaxy until they finally landed on Planet Xoilium where they discovered its rich production of Xoil, the planet’s oil. This precious resource enabled them to power life on their newly found home, but the energy was soon depleted. The bots began to loot other lands and kingdoms to increase their own supplies. The Xoil War brought chaos to the planet, and now, each land base deploys its fighting bots to battle for resources and the survival of its inhabitants.

NFT Assets

The NFTs have already attracted a strong and dedicated community as the concept and vision draw avid gamers and NFT investors to Xoilium to own Rebel Bots, acquire land plots and build fighting bots.

Rebel Bots

The initial release of 10,000 Rebel Bot NFTs in August 2021, the kingdom lords, kicked off the vision of this game as a multilayer economy. While these bots are non-player characters (NPC), they have core features that provide utility in the game. Each Rebel Bot is the owner of a kingdom comprising player land bases and will earn revenue from the kingdom economy.

Land Plots

Just as on Earth, land on Planet Xoilium is a limited commodity and there will be a total of 130,000 land plots available to purchase soon. With each land plot purchase, players will receive three fighting bots to start training and playing to earn straight away. Their quest is to build and upgrade the land so that they can level up by training the ultimate fighting team to battle other players and raid their land for Xoil.

Fighting Bots

Players in Xoil Wars need to create and control a team of three fighting bots. Each bot is built from five different parts which determine its unique abilities on the battlefield. There are three classes of fighting bots — military, industrial and engineer bots. These parts are available via the in-game shop in limited supplies or as rewards for winning battles. This enables players to build ultimate fighting bots by combining different robotic parts, then deciding whether to add them to the team or sell in the marketplace. Building these bots increases the value of the holder’s NFT portfolio, and can later be traded and sold in the marketplace for cryptocurrency.

Dual token economy

In-game currency, $XOIL provides utility right from the start, to buy and use parts to build fighting bots, as well as construct and manage your player base.

In addition to the various ways players can earn $XOIL within the game, the platform will integrate a dedicated dashboard and renting mechanism to provide scholarship opportunities. This enables owners to loan out fighting bots, as well as land plots, to earn passive income.

The Governance token $RBLS was offered to initial Rebel Bot investors and gaming launchpads through a public sale. The token will be used both in the game and marketplace to build new fighting bots, purchase lands, as well as participate in the project’s decision-making process for games in the future. $RBLS is available on exchanges such as Gate.io, Sushiswap and BitMart.

Avocado’s Partnership with Rebel Bots

Run by some of the most experienced mobile game developers, the project now makes its debut in the GameFi space. The innovative NFT structure adds value to the characters and enables the player to increase their utility — a strategy devised with a long-term vision and a solid roadmap.

The game’s multi-layered design enhances the dimension of GameFi, an exciting prospect as Avocado DAO advances on its own journey to disrupt the GameFi space. We look forward to adding further value to this project by bringing Avocado’s experience and community to Rebel Bot’s turbulent Planet Xoilium.

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