Avocado partners with Magic Eden, Solana’s leading NFT marketplace

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4 min readApr 27, 2022


Avocado is delighted to partner with Magic Eden, the leading NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain for both assets and gaming.

Magic Eden is home to the next generation of digital creators boasting over 90% of the Solana NFT market share and reaching eight figures in $SOL trading volume in the last month alone.

The platform is home to art collectibles, gaming NFTs and its very own Eden Games. With record growth and strong community backing, Magic Eden is the Opensea of Solana and home to the widest collection of NFT assets on the Solana chain.

What is Magic Eden?

Pioneered by former leaders from crypto, tech and the hospitality industry, the Magic Eden team leverage their skills to provide a seamless user experience with state-of-the-art technology to mint and trade NFT assets. The project collaborates closely with creators and has developed a vibrant community, making it the go-to marketplace for Solana NFTs.

Backed by some of the industry’s leading investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Ventures, Solana Capital and co-founders of Phantom, Magic Eden has a solid foundation to continue to spur its growth as an established leader in the Solana ecosystem.

The project provides several services on its platform, from facilitating the creation, trading, to information relating to all things NFT:

Launchpad: Magic Eden’s launchpad facilitates the minting process for creators to bring their NFTs to life. With low transaction fees and over 300,000 daily visitors to the platform, creators are exposed to a large proportion of Solana NFT and gaming enthusiasts, whether for collections or assets.

Secondary marketplace: Users can sell their existing Solana-based NFTs via the secondary market on Magic Eden marketplace, ensuring maximum exposure and minimal gas fees.

Gaming: As web3 gaming gains traction and gaming NFTs become mainstream, Magic Eden is the place to grab these gaming assets. The project seeks partnership with the most prominent games on Solana, unlocking some of the most exclusive NFTs available to the community.

Content hub: Magic Eden is also developing a dedicated game listing page containing information, reviews from popular influencers to showcase the latest games and much more.

Competitions and tournaments: The marketplace boasts the largest discord community across the Solana marketplaces, with over 141k members. Magic Eden plans to engage their members in competitions and tournaments which will be hosted on their discord server.

Magic DAO: Adopting the DAO structure allows Magic Eden to work closely with the community, together creating a stronger Solana ecosystem. The DAO gives its members the opportunity to vote on NFT collections and governance aspects, as well as a number of other DAO related activities.

Avocado DAO x Magic Eden

Avocado DAO is excited about partnering with Magic Eden from a gaming, NFT and community perspective. We are heavily invested in servicing and engaging our community and share the vision of expanding users’ knowledge in NFTs and web3 gaming.

The Magic Eden team also have the foresight to recognize gaming as a great way ‘ease people into new technology’ and onboard new users into NFTs and crypto. This is something that Avocado DAO works enthusiastically toward — supporting the first generation of crypto and web3 users by facilitating access to the space.

Avocado invests in NFT assets and partners with projects and games within the Solana ecosystem, one example of our recent partnerships is MonkeyLeague — also available on Magic Eden’s marketplace. With the platform being the go-to marketplace combined with the Avocado community of scholars across multiple games, we see this as a powerful strategic partnership that provides mutual cross-community benefits.

Magic Eden is a cutting-edge project with huge potential for growth as we continue to expand into the web3 space. The project comprises a strong team with in-depth market experience and innovative plans for future growth. At Avocado, we are focused on our community and the adoption of web3 for first-generation users through blockchain gaming and the facilitation of NFT assets, and we have no doubt that this partnership will evolve toward this common goal as we both advance in this fast-paced environment.

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