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As part of our mission to join forces with ecosystem projects, Avocado is delighted to announce our partnership with Ludena Protocol. At the cutting edge of GameFi and blockchain technology, Ludena is developing a protocol to cater to the world’s three million gamers across the globe. Their vision is an innovative metaverse encompassing web3 games, an NFT marketplace, and a staking platform.

With the upcoming launch of the staking platform v1, Avocado is excited to become part of Ludena’s journey to close the gap between gaming guilds and the broader potential of the GameFi ecosystem.

“We are delighted to join forces with Ludena, one of the most promising GameFi platforms developed by a highly talented Korean-based team. This strategic partnership provides cross-community exposure, and Avocado hopes to gain more support as well as onboard more Korean gamers to our scholarship programs. We look forward to collaborating with Ludena and working towards our mutual goals to achieve our mission to expand and amplify the GameFi, SocialFi and DeFi space together.”

Brendon Wong- Co-founder of Avocado DAO

What is Ludena Protocol?

Ludena Protocol has developed the first fully comprehensive gamified guild platform. Through a single application, Ludena connects gamers worldwide to an environment where they can play, trade and share all game-related aspects. Its governance token $LDN enables users to transact across the platform’s multiple functions, to buy, participate and utilize Ludena’s staking mechanism.


Ludena provides a GameFi gaming platform. With Kanimal Clash as their first game, this real-time multiplayer strategy game allows players to use the unique NFT characters to make their own decks with different strengths. The aim is to defeat their opponents to win tournaments and breed Kanimals to earn in-game tokens. Ludena will continue to onboard their own games and enlist partner games into their ecosystem.

NFT marketplace

Ludena’s marketplace lets players trade in-game items, such as assets, room decorations and NFT land in Ludena World, their forthcoming Metaverse.


Providing a real-time gaming social media platform, Ludena’s guild platform GameTalkTalk is the first guild application with a built-in GameFi function. Guild members of Ludena will be able to earn rewards. Currently, with over 3 million users, including players of Axie Infinity, League of Kingdom, Brawlstar, and PUBG. Here, players can connect, live stream to participate in group games, and earn Ludena tokens for posting, completing quests and other game-related activities.


Staking is Ludena Protocol’s latest feature. The first version of the staking platform will be released this month, giving users the ability to stake LP tokens on the Polygon network. With a total supply of 1,200,000,000, token holders will be able to provide liquidity on UniSwap to obtain LP tokens, staking them to receive $LDN. With a one-month lock-in period and a total reward of up to 100,000 $LDN per month, this provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to invest their tokens to maximize their investment.

The tokens are available to buy on a number of exchanges, with the options of different currency pairs on each one:

This is the first version of Ludena’s staking platform; the purpose is to test minor bugs and security issues. More details regarding the staking platform, along with guidance, will be published very soon.

Why Ludena Protocol?

Avocado has chosen to partner with Ludena Protocol due to their platform’s innovative nature and services. As the first protocol to offer such wide-ranging social applications geared towards the GameFi community, we wanted to contribute and be part of this exciting prospect.

Ludena Protocol have their own vibrant community of gamers, and with our partnership in place, it gives both Avocado and Ludena the benefit of sharing our community networks, taking advantage of the features across both platforms.

It also provides Avocado scholars the opportunity to access their protocol, gaining benefits from the services Ludena is developing. From NFT marketplace to staking, Avocado’s community will be at the forefront to reap the benefits of Ludena’s innovative GameFi solutions.

As Avocado evolves within the Metaverse, we aim to expand our partnerships beyond GameFi alone. Combining GameFi, SocialFi and DeFi, our collaboration with Ludena Protocol is aligned with our mission to do exactly that, and with a strong team at Ludena’s helm and several renowned investors and partners, we are excited to be part of the future growth of GameFi and blockchain development.

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