Avocado DAO Completes $18m Series A | Co Led by Animoca Brands and QCP Soteria Nodes

What is GameFi and why is it important?

Our plans for the future of GameFi

  • Supporting more GameFi projects and provide more opportunities to gain rewards for our community
  • Develop solutions to assist in the management of our guild and be ready to scale
  • Help pave the way towards turning the Avocado DAO into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) meaning Avocado DAO would be owned by its community of scholars and token holders who would have control its future role and strategy in the metaverse.
  • Grow our presence in popular web3 game Axie Infinity while also investing in NFTs for other games.

Helping our Avocadians

A bright future ahead

The GameFi sector has grown rapidly over recent years, and in particular over the course of the pandemic, as gamers have been enticed by GameFi’s unique combination of entertainment, education and earning-potential.



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Avocado Guild

Avocado Guild

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