Avocado DAO and TPG Telecom announce first-of-a-kind partnership to democratize internet services

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3 min readDec 21, 2021

The agreement with the mobile network operator gives the first real-world use case for Avocado DAO’s token $AVG

Avocado DAO is committed to unlocking real-world opportunities and rewarding experiences for our scholars through our community-centric approach. With that objective in mind, we have partnered with TPG Telecom, Singapore’s fastest-growing mobile network operator. For the first time in the APAC region, the major mobile operator will explore the possibilities of redemption/ conversion of Avocado DAO’s soon-to-be-launched token, Avocado DAO, into data credits, allowing for democratised access to internet services.

The agreement between Avocado DAO and TPG Telecom follows Avocado DAO’s recent US$18M fundraising round, making it the largest Series A private fundraising amount by a GameFi guild to date. The partnership will bring value to the Avocado DAO economy, giving the first real-world use case for Avocado DAO’s Avocado DAO.

Brendan Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, Avocado DAO, said: “Through Avocado DAO, we aim to change the lives of our scholars through the power of GameFi and NFT lending. This groundbreaking partnership with TPG Telecom not only allows real-world usage of the soon-to-be-launched Avocado DAO token, but contributes to the overall vision for Avocado DAO to enrich our scholars’ lives by allowing them to exchange the tokens for internet access. Our aim is that this partnership will bring online those who may otherwise struggle to access the internet and open up a wealth of possibilities for them.”

Richard Tan, CEO of TPG Telecom said: “Our partnership with the Avocado DAO, combined with our excellent network and savvy customer base, allows TPG Telecom to take a strategic approach to participating in the blockchain digital economy. This collaboration is an exciting development as it will provide our customers access to the GameFi community.”

In the coming months, TPG Telecom and Avocado DAO will be announcing an exciting pilot programme, which centres around the use of Avocado DAO and involves the participation of PSP Soteria Ventures (PSV) & QCP Capital. Make sure to stay tuned with us in the following channels!

About TPG Telecom Pte. Ltd

TPG Telecom, Singapore’s newest and most agile fully licensed mobile network operator, offers generous data bundles at affordable prices with no lock-in. It has a network coverage that meets and exceeds IMDA’s obligations. TPG Telecom’s latest market innovations such as 5G NSA, free data roaming to 57 destinations have been noteworthy.

For media enquiries, please contact media@tpgmobile.sg

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Avocado DAO is a blockchain gaming guild that aims to create life-changing opportunities and rewarding experiences for its community members. It aims to unlock the hidden talents of guild members and help them to achieve their full potential in the metaverse. To reach this goal, the guild empowers its members with crypto literacy through education, ownership of digital assets, and support from a passionate and like-minded community.

The team at Avocado DAO is passionate about bringing more to many. With this in mind the Avocado DAO scholarship programme was created to provide rewarding opportunities for people in struggling communities. The programme greatly benefits people who are interested in taking their first step into GameFi, but struggle with the financial and knowledge requirements for entry. In addition to providing rewarding opportunities, the programme also aims to support gamers looking for a community to help guide them through the fast-expanding Metaverse.

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