Avocado Genesis Coin | A Show of Appreciation For Our Top Supporters

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3 min readDec 29, 2021

We will reward the top 150 $AVG holders at the end of the copper launch auction with one Avocado Genesis Coin.

Disclaimer: The token appearance may be subject to change

At Avocado DAO, we’re celebrating our establishment as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), and what better way, we thought, than to offer a limited edition NFT to all the people who’ve helped us on our journey.

We are minting 300 Genesis Coin (AGC) NFTs and will give one each to all our Series A investors and to selected Avocado DAO community members.

This is our way of saying a big thank you to our key supporters; it’s also recognition of the fact that Avocado DAO is built solidly upon the loyalty of our community members, based all across the world, and without whom we would not have achieved such stellar success.

We will reward the top 150 $AVG holders at the end of the copper launch auction with one Avocado Genesis Coin.

Each of the 150 holders will receive a Genesis Coin NFT at a future date.

The features & benefits of Genesis Coin

Ownership of a Genesis Coin NFT will give each recipient access to a range of important benefits that will include:

  • Future token airdrops
  • Whitelisted and discounted into future NFT sales
  • Exclusive access to future programs and events
  • Special NFTs with our partnered games and platforms

*Each receiving wallet will be entitled to one airdrop and one exclusive program/event access.

*We should mention though that holding multiple Genesis Coin NFT in one wallet will not make recipients eligible for multiple airdrops and access.

So, what actually is a DAO?

In case you haven’t heard the term, ‘DAOs’ are becoming a big thing in the digital economy. In simple terms, they’re like mutual organisations, owned and managed by their community members. But, unlike traditional mutual organisations, DAOs are encoded onto the blockchain. That means all decision-making is done openly, transparently and autonomously, according to established protocols.

DAOs represent a more efficient and democratic means to structure a business and allow for the exchange of value in an environment that’s completely trustworthy and independent of 3rd party intermediation. In other words, all value remains inside the DAO community.

At Avocado DAO, our ethos has always been built on education and support for our community members, so the objective to convert ourselves into a DAO was an obvious one from the very start.

In establishing ourselves as a DAO, we believe we’ll strengthen our capacity to onboard a new generation of web 3.0 users, and scale up growth of Avocado DAO more quickly.

So far, we’re doing a pretty good job. We now have a membership community of over 10,700 players, orscholars’ as we call them — each of whom has a stake in the positive growth and development of Avocado — and this number is quickly growing.

Continued alignment to our principles

As we expand, however, we won’t lose sight of who we are, and what we stand for. We’ll continue to build our DAO and nurture our community around established core principles of enrichment, education and empowerment.

GameFi represents a meaningful way to educate and support developing communities, where commercial opportunities are often lacking. We’ll continue to use the technology to teach individuals and communities about cryptocurrencies in a way that’s fun and engaging while helping them to earn at the same time.

We’re proud of our record of helping and supporting the lives of our community members. With this issuance of Genesis Coin NFTs, we’re saying a big thank you to all those who’ve helped us.

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