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8 min readMar 9, 2022

Host: Chip
Guest: Alvin

Welcome, Everyone! Avocado × DarleyGo AMA starts now!🥑

Today we will be joined by @darleywoods, and Chip will be the host for today. Yep, that’s me again.🐧

The chat is closed now, so don’t be afraid if you can’t send messages. Chat will be re-opened straight after AMA is over.

During the AMA, we will have a little giveaway break. If you are quick enough, you will have a chance to win some $BUSD Token, so stick around.

Hello everyone!

This is Alvin, founder of DarleyGo.

Welcome, Alvin!

We’re delighted you are here.

Let’s start by hearing a bit about yourself.

What’s your background, and what do you do now at DarleyGo?

Sure thing!

I’m Alvin, founder of DarleyGo. Before kickstarting DarleyGo, I was trading real live racehorses for years, mainly trading in between the U.K., South Korea, and Hong Kong. I grew up watching many horse racing events and have always been a massive fan of horse racing.

I do pretty much everything at DarleyGo now, from Game design to community planning.

That’s awesome. DarleyGo seems to be scaling well under your wise and experienced leadership and guidance from real-life experience!

Thank you for your kind words. We are still growing, and everything has just kickstarted.

What does DarleyGo mean? How did the team come up with this name, and is there any meaning attached?

We are taking the name of Darley from the actual blood type, and it is the most dominant blood within each of the racehorses that we see nowadays, thoroughbred.

Coincidently, DarleyGo means Run and Go in Korean.

Interesting fact😂

Ahhh, I was thinking to ask next if Darley Arabian has any relation with one of the dominant bloodlines of DarleyGo’s horses.

And you answered it, haha.

From Wikipedia: Darley Arabian was one of three dominant foundation sires of modern Thoroughbred horse racing bloodstock.

That’s good to know!

Wow, it sounds like you are a horse lover too!

I only started my racing horse journey after getting in touch with DarleyGo hehe. lovely name btw😍

Proceeding to the next question, I believe our @Avocadians might be wondering the same thing, what DarleyGo does, and what vision does DarleyGo trying to achieve in this emerging GameFi industry?

❤️you are amazing!

Thanks for the kind words

DarleyGo is an NFT horse racing game, which allows players to train, race, breed, trade, and even rent their NFT horses. Each of these NFT horses will be unique and one and only.

Coming from a transitional horse racing and gaming development background, we are trying to move the actual horse racing industry onto a digital platform, where owners won’t need to worry about their horse’s health condition, injury, or any other downside problems.

We aim to create an environment where players can fully enjoy the excitement of horse racing without worrying about anything.

Woah, that’s super exciting info; I’m honestly impressed by the implications this could have in the GameFi and non-GameFi industry…

Before proceeding to the questions from Discord, let’s spice things up and move to the task first, shall we @darleywoods?

Let’s do it!

You know the drill if you have joined our previous AMA

Three winners, 20$ of $BUSD each, with screenshots following DarleyGo’s Discord.

Let’s go!

It looks like we got our three winners!

Congrats to @A.G | 💖 CM 💖 | Skyy, @A.G | ✨ G.L. ✨ | Atom ⚛ and @Ynn3j | RMG!

Now let us proceed to the Discord questions.

The first question was from @A.G. | navi🔹|BLNKT:
Just curious, is there a road map presented yet for DarleyGo?

If yes, how could we guarantee that this would be followed and that it would be effective? As you can see, other NFT games in today’s period had decent plans and ideas on keeping it going but still didn’t get to achieve it somehow.


Congrats to all winners.

Yes, there is a roadmap that we’ve presented on our website. On top of that, we have a specific channel in our Discord for a detailed roadmap where we keep our community members the most updated on DarleyGo’s timeline and milestones.

That was pretty insightful, Alvin.

Before I forget, would you kindly share all DarleyGo socials here, please?👀


For all @Avocadians who are reading this, you can join DarleyGo’s socials and say Hi from Avocado Dao

Here are the official links:
Website: https://darleygo.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/darleygo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarleyGo_io
Medium: https://medium.com/@DarleyGo
Paper: https://darleygo.gitbook.io/darleygo/
IDO: https://www.solanium.io/project/darleygo
ME Marketplace: https://magiceden.io/creators/darleygo
Fractal Marketplace: https://www.fractal.is/darleygo

Thanks Alvin!

Let’s continue.

We have seen GameFi been generating hype for quite some time now. And this brings us to @AndyR’s question as follows: Whenever people talk about blockchain games, users think of having fun and making money. However, I see that you also have one of your objectives to educate users. What areas is this education aimed at? What methods are used for this?

Through DarleyGo, not only do we want to create a fun game where the players can make money at the same, but we also would like to educate more horse racing knowledge to all players around the world through our racing, breeding, and training mode.

Woah. That’s super cool.

We’re not only a #GameFi guild here at Avocado Dao, but we also grasp the philosophy of #Play2Educate and #Play2Empower by educating our @Avocadians on cryptocurrency and blockchain in general and through providing life-changing opportunities too!

And knowing that DarleyGo shares the same objective as us, we’re looking forward to what we can achieve together in the near future.


Back to @AndyR’s question, it is short and straightforward.

Could you give us some advance on the “Galaxy Mode”?

Very glad that you’ve noticed the Galaxy Mode; we haven’t talked about it that much.

I smell leaks👀

Galaxy Mode is an equine metaverse that allows players to buy land to build their stable racecourse and host their racing event under their own rule!

We will also be integrating the V.R. tech to let players ride their NFT horses virtually on the Altair Galaxy.

We will share more detail whenever we could

I just had a peek of the very rough Demo the other day; it was indeed very cool

Wow, that just transit to a whole new dimension of racing horses🐎

From reading your answers, Alvin, let me tell you that I’m confident your project is future-proof. There is much uncertainty about GameFi and NFT, but you seem well prepared. Love it.

The next question is from @A.G | ✨ G.L. ✨ | Atom ⚛:
The horse as a real-life notion appears to be a big part of this game. I was under the assumption that a young horse wouldn’t be able to do much more than an older one. Do you have a plan or an idea that you’ll put into action as a result of this?

I feel you. But I strongly believe in the future of the GameFi industry, and I think it’s just the beginning now.

Our horse ages based on the race count. And each of the horses will have a different career peak schedule. For example — early mature, late mature…etc

In short, a younger horse could always have a better performance rate than the older ones.

I have the same thought, too, that we’re still in the super early stage. For @Avocadians and those who are coming from DarleyGo, we’re glad you have onboarded this GameFi train such early too.

I hope that answers your question, @A.G | ✨ G.L. ✨ | Atom ⚛!

@darleywoods You and the team seem to have well thought of every possible scenario that will happen, and that’s what a great and successful project looks like.

We have our last question from @ElectricBTC. In DarleyGo, there is the possibility of creating new NFTs through “breeding.” Can you briefly explain the main elements that must be considered to carry out the breeding?

There are many factors players need to be considered when breeding: Mutuation probability, horse’s parents’ ability badges, characteristics, running style, performance history.

Pretty much just like the real world

Thanks, Alvin, for providing us a clear picture of what DarleyGo does also answering all the questions from Avocadians.

Before ending the AMA, let’s have another task, shall we, Alvin?

Pleasure is all mine❤️

Let’s hit it.

Two winners with 20$ of $BUSD each, you’re allowed to ask one question.

The chat will be open for three minutes for the questions and then closed right after.

@darleywoods will then choose two from the questions to answer.

It seems like we have enough questions; I will close the chat in 10 sec.

Chat is closed now.

@darleywoods, kindly choose two questions from the above to answer.

Question 1 (A.G. humblegod):
Seeing the number of web3 games that are not good in their development, what are your commitments and hopes for Darley Go?

On this, I strongly believe in our team. Not only do we have a decade of experience in gaming design and development and game graphic design, but we also have solid experience in the entire horse racing industry. Combining all elements above, I believe we will deliver a killer product that raises the whole industry-standard bar!

Question 2 (A.G. Mikeeel):
Is there always available assistance for the players? For example, if they are having trouble with the game. Is there someone they can contact about those matters?

Absolutely, we are already starting to form up a C.S. team that can help players solve any in-game problem. We will also be releasing many education and instruction on each in-game feature before and after the game launch in April.

Well, we got our last two winners.

The AMA is coming to an end too, and thank you, @darleywoods, for coming to chat with the @Avocadians today. Nice having you here!

It’s definitely my honor to be here!

All right, I’m going to announce the winner before opening the chat.

Congratulations to @A.G | ✨ G.L. ✨ | Atom ⚛, @A.G. | navi🔹|BLNKT, @AndyR, @ElectricBTC, @A.G | 💖 CM 💖 | Skyy, @Ynn3j | RMG, @A.G humblegod, @A.G. Mikeeel and @A.G | ✨ G.L. ✨ | Atom ⚛!

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