Avocado DAO Roadmap Update | Paving the way forward

Attention Avocadians: The future of Avocado DAO is here!

Our Progress to Date

  • Successfully expanded the Avocado DAO ecosystem by investing in 30+ new partnerships, including 23 web3 games and GameFi platforms. We’ve partnered and invested in a wide range of popular and upcoming games such as, but not limited to, Heroes of Mavia, Ascenders Phantom Galaxies, and the highly anticipated Froyo Games platform. All of which are pivotal in our goals to; onboard more scholars across emerging genres of web3 games and further educate the existing 10,000+ scholars within the guild. These new partnerships will add to the already expanding scholarship program and will provide more rewarding opportunities for both new and existing Avocadian scholars.
  • Invested in, and formed new partnerships with multiple new GameFi builders and ecosystem projects such as DGPal (web3 game launching on Cronos), Froyo Games (platform), ZeroXAdventre (web3 tooling for GameFi), Lootex (web3 marketplace) and more. We support ecosystem projects such as these because they reduce the friction to entry for gamers who will eventually transition into web3 users and foster growth within various blockchain ecosystems.
  • As of the 31st of March 2022, Avocado DAO offers 5 NEW GameFi scholarships in addition to Axie Infinity and Rev Racing. Our scholars can now play and farm yield across Pegaxy, The Wasted Lands, Cyball, Elpis Battle and Karmaverse. We have over 90% utilization of all available NFT assets. We invested in all the new games prior to launch and have successfully grown our scholarships by 1,500+ across these 5 new offerings.
  • Successfully launched the $AVG token on the 1st of January 2022. This is only the beginning, as we have exciting new updates coming soon, including the bridging of $AVG (0xa41F142b6eb2b164f8164CAE0716892Ce02f311f) to BNB Chain, which will allow us to tap into the growing ecosystem of BEP20 and for our users to benefit from the reduced gas fees when trading and interacting with our smart contracts.

Updated Avocado DAO Roadmap

  • Develop our existing scholars into more advanced users and prepare them for participation in emerging triple-A, blockchain gaming titles.
  • To educate and upskill our scholars so they can become the next generation of web3 users. Education is continuous and we are here to support them in their learning and not only teach, but equip them with the knowledge to share with their peers so they can become future leaders amongst their intermediate communities.
  • To increase yields in farmed games while limiting overexposure.
  • To continue investing in the leaders of GameFi, DeFi and blockchain protocols.
  • To develop an advanced Avocado DAO platform that caters to both internal scholars and token holders.
  • To work toward a more sustainable staking protocol, able to pass on the yields of our guild back to staked token holders.
Updated Roadmap circa April 2022

Staking the $AVG token:

Enhancing the Avocado DAO platform:



Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives

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Avocado Guild

Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives