Avocado DAO partners with the ‘2022 GameFi Project of the Year’ winner — Cross The Ages!

We are delighted to announce, for all our fantasy and Sci-Fi gamers out there, that we’ve partnered with the new, award-winning, digital trading card game — Cross The Ages! Based on a series of seven fiction novels, Cross The Ages is a dystopian universe that combines the magic of fantasy and the excitement of Sci-Fi whilst leveraging blockchain technology.

With a dedicated team of over 170 market leaders in the gaming, development, business, design and blockchain industries, a free-to-play gameplay structure, and a mission focused on building a game where everybody can be part of the GameFi ecosystem — it’s no wonder they took out the award for ‘GameFi Project of the Year’ at the 2022 AIBC Awards.

We are thrilled to go into partnership with Cross The Ages, as they are on a path to becoming the next revolutionary NFT collectibles card game that will take the blockchain gaming world by storm.

What is Cross The Ages?

Cross The Ages is a trading card game that combines the nostalgia of collecting cards with the endless benefits and earning potential of blockchain technology and NFTs. However, Cross The Ages is set to become more than just a game, it will be a Metaverse where players can build new cities, create new games, earn valuable NFTs through adventures, and gather real-world card collectibles.

Cross The Ages is the only card game in the world to enable a ‘full value chain cycle’. Which means that players’ digital collected cards, once classified as decentralized and mintable NFTs on the blockchain, can become physical cards in the real world and secured with Near Field Communication technology (NFC). Read more about the one-of-a-kind process here, in the Cross The Ages whitepaper. Their ultimate vision is to marry the virtual world with the physical world by allowing players to not only hold digital and NFT assets, but to be able to bring them to life in the physical world too.

Cross The Ages is based on the ‘Cross The Ages’ seven-book saga, which will see one book published each year, for the next seven years. The first book is already published (read it here) and corresponds with the 365 collectable digital cards currently in the world of Cross The Ages.

During the game, players can face off in intense duels, compete for valuable NFTs and take on quests to discover priceless ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels. Players are encouraged to develop a strategy in order to conquer and control the maximum space within the duel Arena.

Cross The Ages uses a dual-token model for its in-game economy:

In-game tokens (Crystals & Gold) are the internal tokens used within the game. Both Crystals and Gold can be earnt within the game and are stable tokens that can be used to buy card packs and skins, unlock booster packs and mint cards into NFTs. Crystals can be exchanged into the CTA Tokens at the in-game marketplace, however, Gold is ‘off-chain’ and therefore not tradeable.

The official Cross The Ages Token (CTA Token) is the governance token within the Cross The Ages universe and grants major game advantages, access to off-series valuable NFTs, special access to tournaments and access to exclusive content for its token holders. The CTA Token is a tradable token on the blockchain, the value of which will appreciate as the game develops and advances into a Metaverse.

CTA Tokens are required for the minting and merging of NFTs, as well as printing NFTs into physical NFC cards, buying or unlocking booster packs. After the NFT is printed into the NFC card, those NFTs are frozen within the game and can no longer be printed into NFCs.

Cross The Ages x Avocado DAO

Cross The Ages’ mission is to allow all gamers who choose to embark on the GameF journey, to earn valuable NFTs, lend in-game assets and stake their CTA Tokens to achieve long term liquidity”. We’ve chosen to partner with Cross The Ages because their mission strongly aligns with ours and we are striving to further strengthen the Play&Earn ecosystem through partnerships such as these.

The team behind Cross The Ages have a combined 30+ years’ experience in the video game industry and have produced more than 50 games for next-generation consoles. They’re an extremely talented team, dedicated to developing a ground-breaking new trading metaverse for thousands to enjoy both digitally and physically.

We are inspired by the award-winning team at Cross The Ages; they are the market leaders in gaming development and we can’t wait to watch as the Cross The Ages metaverse evolves into the GameFi project of the century and beyond!

Check out a quick preview of Cross The Ages gameplay now:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Join the dystopian Cross The Ages universe today:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

Follow Avocado DAO for more information on this new partnership and other P2E opportunities in the future:

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives

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