Avocado DAO partners with PlayOne Games for King of Fighters Arena, an Action Fighter RPG

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3 min readJan 27, 2023

Avocado DAO is thrilled to collaborate with our partner PlayOne Games to support the launch of their in-house game King Of Fighters (KOF) Arena, a one-on-one action fighter RPG on the Marblex blockchain.

Inspired by the King of Fighters series by SNK which was originally designed as a combat arcade game, it is now being upgraded into the Metaverse where players can gain token rewards for combat in the arena.

For information on ongoing tournament, please check out this link.

What is King of Fighters Arena
PlayOne Games has launched KOF on its platform. The game has been produced by the South Korean mobile gaming giant NetMarble on the Marblex blockchain and is currently available on mobile and PC where players will get to experience KOF’s signature action in the arena.

Each player will require a Controller NFT enabling them to gain crypto rewards in the game, it will also unlock the possibility of winning Gem NFTs from the Mystery Boxes, which players can pick up in matches. KOF has uniquely recreated the mighty kings of fighters with a range of hardcore moves, power punches, and special traits that players will enjoy testing and mastering their combat skills to become a champion in the Arena.

Taking part in tournaments, players will fight their way to victory by defeating their opponents in the arena. There are currently two game modes: PvP single match, and multiplayer 3v3 elimination matches. KOF has also recently released Season 2 which now includes ranked matches, enables fighters to compete in tactical combat, and level up to higher tiers to claim the title of Ranker and gain rewards.

KOF has designed a dual token economy with Fight Money (FM), the in-game tokens which can be won on the PC version and used in the game. FM can be exchanged into $FCT, Fight Club Token backed by Marblex (MBX) technology. This is KOF’s utility token and can be traded on MBX Exchange Portal and can only be acquired through participating in the game.

The Avocado DAO Scholarship
To collaborate with PlayOne Games, Avocado DAO has selected a number of Avocadian scholars to be among the first to play this newly launched game, interacting with the avatars and their individual skill sets and powers to get a feel of the game mechanics to be able providing valuable feedback in these early stages. KOF provides great opportunities for our community to participate in electrifying tournaments and action-packed fight events, as well as compete with players around the world!

The Quest for KOF Rewards
In addition, Avocado DAO and PlayOne DAO are collaborating to give away KOF prizes for winners of the upcoming quest which will be launched on our Questing Portal. Here you can sign up, win AXP and get the chance to grab some KOF goodies so that you can get the chance to fight your way to the top.

Avocado DAO x King of Fighters
We are excited to partner with PlayOne Games, for this immersive combat game that brings the real fighting spirit of this genre to the blockchain.
Our scholarship will enable scholars to jump into the action and offer their thoughts on gameplay and mechanics.

Our partnership with PlayOne Games enables both of us to expand the gaming ecosystem and introduce new and fun titles to the Avocadian community and onboard new users who will enjoy gaining rewards from playing their favorite type of game.

Look out for our upcoming quest and KOF’s upcoming tournament starting on the 27th of January to take your place in the Arena to become the next King of Fighters.

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