Avocado DAO Partners with Kingdom Story: Heroes War to Create Revolutionary Game Economics

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3 min readJan 3, 2023

Avocado DAO is thrilled to partner with Kingdom Story: Heroes War, a Strategy Development NFT RPG that has already garnered huge success. With over 5M downloads, Kingdom Story is now coming to the blockchain to enhance the gaming experience.

Designed with an innovative player-driven utility economy powered by NFT ownership, Kingdom Story: Heroes War is set to revolutionize the web3 gaming landscape by focusing on creating an immersive fun-to-play game with a player-owned economy enabled by blockchain technology.

What is Kingdom story: Heroes War?
In the tale of a nation in turmoil, full of betrayal, love, loyalty, and courage set 400 years ago, the once peaceful empire became divided at the hands of a king misguided by the evil and powerful Palace Eunuchs, thus splitting the land into three Kingdoms. During these hard times, a rebellion formed, gaining popularity and amassing volunteers on its way, the fighters became known as the Yellow Turbans — And so, the Kingdom Story: Heroes War begins. Each player in the game is a General of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, building an army to fight for their land, people, and freedom.

Kingdom Story’s gaming NFTs
Players can collect and develop more than 300 Generals from the Three Kingdoms lore, minting them into NFTs to build a deck to take into battle. A battle deck contains six Generals. By combining different traits, such as nations and classes, players can unlock special effects and conquer stronger forces than their own.

Classes determine what position your Generals take on the battlefield. They can also be combined to boost base team stats. With 5 different classes, Bowmaster, Marshal, Monarch, Strategist, and Warrior, determining traits and skills. You will need to tactically decide where to position them on the battlefield to deal the strongest blows to opponents.

While Kingdom Story is free to play, it does have a governance token. Dia ($KID) is the native game token enabling the game to become part of the blockchain ecosystem. It can be used in-game in a variety of ways, such as gaining access to NFTs or token rewards, staking, or participating in the DAO’s governance.

The token can be obtained in the game to create stronger combinations, and gain and grow officers within your troops. Once your officer has reached a certain level of maturity, it can be minted into an NFT and traded on the marketplace. The token can then be cashed out on an external exchange, however, players will also be able to level up their officers resulting in a strengthened deck. This creates even greater value NFTs and means that play is defined by its users.

Avocado DAO x Kingdom Story: Heroes War
This successful game is coming to the blockchain, and we are thrilled to be able to lend the expertise of our team and power of our community to this innovative and player-oriented web3 title. Avocado DAO welcomes this user-centric approach which is very much aligned with our mission to bring engaging games to the web3 space.

In order to grow the gaming ecosystem, we aim to partner with projects that share this mission and create sustainable games as more players enter the space. Kingdom Story: Heroes War has a unique and innovative token design, geared towards creating immersive games with players in mind. Our community loves this and we want to offer fun and rewarding games that captivate their imagination and enjoyment.

Are you ready to join the Story of the Kingdom and fight in the War to become a Hero?

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