Avocado DAO Partners with Glip.gg to Bring Web3 Games & Wallet to Play Store Gamers

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5 min readNov 28, 2022

As the blockchain gaming space evolves, Avocado DAO continues to integrate new technology into its ecosystem and expand upon our vision to facilitate entry to blockchain gaming. We are delighted to partner with Glip.gg who are on a similar mission to onboard 7M Glip gamers to web3, seamlessly connecting them to web3 games where they can win crypto.

Glip’s gaming app allows web2 users to easily access the world of web3 games. With a simple google login, users of the Glip app can enjoy new games, rewards, and wallet features, in a community environment where they can play web3 games and win crypto directly deposited into the in-app wallet.

What is Glip.gg?
Glip.gg is a multi-chain super wallet for gamers. It enables users to discover web3 games and access quests, tournaments, and community. With over 7 million downloads worldwide, the app is proving to be a popular place where users can find crypto games through the app. Glip can be found in Google Play making it easy to access and use for non-web3 natives.

This seemingly standard app allows users to gain crypto rewards from crypto games, Glip creates tools for gamers to create replay clips, live streams, and receive crypto rewards. Glip’s mission is to enable gamers to create content and play web3 games with earning potential through powerful, yet simple software tools.

Glip currently has several features to enjoy the social aspect of the app, in addition to users being able to enjoy the benefits of the wallet to store their winnings:

  • Gamers can discover and participate in the hottest tournaments and quests from web3 games and earn crypto in their Glip wallet.
  • They can create content and use the App to record gaming videos at 60 fps with in-game sound and microphone recording, boasting multiple bitrate & resolution modes with no lag!
  • The app enables audio and visual accessibility, enabling players to talk to teammates using the app’s in-game mic feature, and record in-game videos, adding audio and video to complete the multiplayer online gaming experience.

The Glip gaming app is currently downloadable from Google Play, making it easily accessible and supporting a larger mission to introduce and onboard more new users into crypto gaming.

Partnerships and Investments
Glip.gg raised $3M in its seed round and has partnered with the likes of Sky Mavis, the game studio behind Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, Netmarble, Hashed, and Avocado DAO as the first guild to partner with the app. Glip is rated one of the top apps on Google Play, as one of the most popular web3 game discovery and wallet apps, with over 7 million downloads across 50 countries.

With a multitude of quests and contests with notable games in the web3 space, Avocado DAO and Glip.gg have teamed up for a League of Kingdoms’ (LOK) tournament for the Avocado community, powered by Glip.

The League of Kingdom Tournament
Avocado DAO has recently launched a League of Kingdoms harvest program with a monthly of $500+ for our community members. This makes it great timing to run this partnered tournament with Glip.gg.

Avocado DAO brought the force of its community to a partnership tournament taking place in the Avocadian community, hosted on the Glip app. This event invited new users to join the contest to level up in the game and win crypto while playing. Additionally, participants who joined the tournament are able to participate in Avocado DAO’s members-only reward program allowing players to reap even more rewards. New accounts that have been created during the Glip event can also get in on the action and join our harvest program!

Between the 18th to the 23rd of November, players had the chance to sign up and participate in the LOK tournament with a $1000 prize pool! The tournament enabled new participants to increase their castle levels and level up in the game to rank higher on the leaderboard. Once the tournament came to an end, rewards were automatically deposited to their Glip wallet. By combining strengths in the Avocado DAO alliance within LOK, players were able to support each other in the journey to the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to the winners of the tournament who walked away with some great crypto rewards!

Glip.gg and Avocado DAO

Avocado DAO looks forward to working with Glip.gg towards a joint mission to enable more gamers to easily access blockchain gaming, join the vibrant community and benefit from crypto rewards.

This strategic partnership enables Glip to serve the Avocado community with their gaming wallet and enables our community to win even more rewards, onboarding new users who are keen to get in on the action of crypto gaming. It gives new and existing users the opportunity to discover new games through Glip’s easy-to-access app. Available in the app store, Glip strips away the need for prior crypto education allowing users to dig right in and enjoy web3 games, quests, and rewards, and discover the benefits of crypto along the way.

For more information about Glip.gg, check out their links below:
Website | Glip App | Twitter

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