Avocado DAO partners with ApeSwap to introduce the $AVG Liquidity Bond

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3 min readApr 26, 2023

Avocado DAO x ApeSwap Partnership

We are excited to announce that Avocado DAO has launched $AVG Liquidity Bonds with our furry partners at ApeSwap. This will be a fresh way for users to begin their Decentralized Finance (DeFi) journeys and to expand their knowledge on the possibilities of Web3.

$AVG Liquidity Bonds allows for sustainable liquidity for both the ApeSwap platform and Avocado DAO, combating the many shortcomings of the existing liquidity rental models adopted in the DeFi space. A move in the “ripe” direction we would say.

How do ApeSwap Bonds work?

Now let’s talk Bond, Liquidity Bond. In Traditional Finance, bonds are debt obligations with a specified maturity date. These bonds are typically issued at a discount to their face or par value to incentivize users to purchase them.

Similarly, after purchasing an $AVG Liquidity Bond, community users will obtain an NFT that represents their entitlement of discounted tokens that vest over time. Only the NFT holder can claim tokens as they vest, so we think it’s wise to HODL onto this one, and why wouldn’t you? Each NFT possesses 5 distinct procedurally generated characteristics we think you will find very “appeeling”.

How to buy $AVG Liquidity Bonds

Now here’s the split on how to get your hands on these exclusive NFTs. $AVG Liquidity Bonds can be freely purchased on the Apeswap platform, who have also kindly provided an in-depth guide found over here.

Avocado DAO Quest

An Ape’s favorite month is of course “Ape-ril” and in light of our recent partnership, we will be launching an exclusive quest on our platform shortly after the rollout of the $AVG Liquidity Bonds.

Our platform dedicated to questing and content has seen explosive success and has been “swinging” from strength to strength. We have facilitated the completion of over 18,000 quests year to date with many more still to come. We also regularly introduce engaging content pieces to tackle and navigate the jungle that is crypto, covering various games, guides, alpha and more.

ApeSwap is one of many strategic partnerships formed in 2023 as Avocado DAO continues to educate and guide users into the realm of Web3. We are eagerly anticipating future collaborations with partners throughout the year and we can’t wait to let you know.

In the meantime, Avo good one!

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