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4 min readDec 13, 2022

Recently, our partner game studio, Mighty Bear Games, released their Big Bear Syndicate PFP collection which sold out on the day! The collection has some great utility and is a pass to their new game. Mighty Bear Games have released several successful titles in the past and are now working towards the full launch of their first web3 game, Mighty Action Heroes, a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale.

As part of the NFT launch, Mighty Bear Games invited Avocado to be one of the first ever guild partners by offering 100 free mints to our community as the first early release of Mighty Action Heroes takes place from the 16th to 18th of December 2022. Avocado is excited to partner with Mighty Bear Games, and we can’t wait for the first-ever Mighty Action Heroes early access weekend and the future of the MightyNet.

The Big PFP Free Mint!

Big Bear Syndicate is MightyNet’s first-generation PFP collection. The collection went live over the weekend of the 26 -28 of November and the allowlist spots completely sold out!

The NFT can be used as a PFP and later on in the game’s development cycle, as an in-game avatar as well. Users won’t be able to play or gain access to the early access without holding the Big Bear Syndicate NFT or the MightNet Genesis Pass. Other perks include staking your Bears in return for Honey rewards which can be exchanged for in-game rewards, as well as special holder-only skins for use in-game.

Avocado DAO has been offered an exclusive allocation of 100 allowlist spots for its community. 50 spots to the winners will be available for players who complete a skill and knowledge-based quest in Avocado’s new questing portal! We intend to allocate 30 spots to some of our top pro players, and the remaining 20 spots are to be used as rewards for future collaboration and event giveaways.

Avocado is thrilled to be able to mobilize the power of our people and also to lend our expertise to our partner game studio to support them toward a successful launch. Leveraging our large web3 gaming community of over 90k members will enable Mighty Bear Games to gain increased exposure and benefit from our pro-gamer scholars who have experience playing early access games and providing insightful feedback.

We’ve picked some of our top gamers to join the first early access to Mighty Action Heroes, selected some of the hottest Avocadian players who have great exposure to early-release games, and regularly top the community leaderboard across several games.

In addition, we have opened up the early-access opportunity in our Questing Portal which is hugely popular with our Avocadians and public users. Our players are hyped for the release of this quest so that they can get their hands on early access to Mighty Action Heroes.

Join the Quest to get Early Access

Avocadian scholars and public users can join the quest where 50 Free mints are up for grabs, all you have to do is complete the knowledge and skill challenge. Winners will be selected based on their Mighty Bear questing achievements so that we can pick the most knowledgeable players who are going to love the game.

The quests will test your gaming proficiency and capability. If you think you have what it takes to get your paws on a Mighty Bear Syndicate PFP, you can join the mission in our Questing Portal for the chance to get selected to win one of the spots. The quest will be released on the 2nd of December, so you can enter the portal and get questing for a chance to play in the first-ever early-access weekend of Mighty Action Heroes, before anyone else!

Avocado DAO x Mighty Bear Games

Part of Avocado DAO’s mission is to introduce exciting and fun games to our community while supporting our partners in the launch of their NFTs and kickass games. We are pumped to have early access so that our community can test-run Mighty Action Heroes ahead of the official launch and get a sneak peek into the game mechanics and a first view of the Mightyverse.

“Mighty Bear Games has a track record of creating successful mobile games and their foray into web3 is big news for the industry. Mighty Bear’s last two NFT collections have sold out which shows great community support and combined with their experience at developing successful products, it’s a title Avocado is very excited about.”
Brendan Wong, Co-founder, Avocado DAO

To find out more about Mighty Bear Games and their latest release Mighty Action Heroes:
Mighty Bear Games Website | Twitter | Discord | Mighty Action Heroes Website | Litepaper

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