Avocado DAO Monthly Update: August Edition

  • Our Q2 Treasury Report was released at the end of July. We are pleased with our activity to date and are on track for our 2022 targets. If you haven’t had a chance yet, dig into the latest info here.
  • We have an exciting new partnership with Pro Gamer DAO, a Korean-based web3 gaming guild, enabling us to share data and join forces on MMO games, such as League of Kingdoms. This pools together a larger number of our guilds’ joint scholars who are playing together to level up against other continents.
  • Offline, Avocado’s Co-founder, Brendan Wong, spoke at Korea Blockchain Week on Web3 gaming guilds. Look out for Brendan’s presentation recap dropping soon on our YouTube channel!
    Brendan has also joined IceTea Labs as a mentor for their accelerator program, helping to build and create more future web3 opportunities for many.
  • Avocado participated in Indonesia’s Independence Day celebrations. Our scholars organized activities to share with the local community, connect, talk about Avocado DAO and web3, and play to educate on GameFi and the guild.
  • We are now live on Twitch. We recently streamed our Grand Axie Tournament with our most epic giveaway to date! Join us there for further live streams!
  • Atmos Labs joined us for a Twitter space to discuss the future of GameFi. The Atmos team are building a metaverse-native esports game with a strong vision toward the future of web3 gaming. Catch up on the news, and listen to the playback.
  • Our Avocadian scholars took part in the Kyberdyne competition, a deck-building game that allows players to build their dream team and win unique rewards. We’re very proud to have scooped 59 of the winning spots with our players sharing a whooping $18k prize pool!
  • Avocado turned 1 in July! To celebrate our first anniversary, we recapped the highlights of our first year. You can check out Avocado’s Rewind trailer to see all the work we have done, both on and offline.



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