Avocado DAO Joins Forces with Reta Wars for a Planetary Partnership

Welcome to our new and exciting partnership with Reta Wars, a strategic multiplayer NFT game. Created by the experienced team at Korean-based game studio, Realital, this new generation war simulation game adds strategic elements to DeFi to bring new dimensions to web3 gaming.

When we tested this game at Avocado DAO HQ, we were immediately impressed by the gameplay and even more so by the perks it offers through its design. This is not a fast-paced action game for the quick-fingered, but requires vision, skill, and calculated decision-making in the face of conditions of simulated warfare! Players will need to establish a long-term strategy, tactically position heroes, and work as a team to receive rewards based on their performance.

This war-themed game begins with the clash of two nations, Gaia and Nate. Legend has it that the nations were once in allegiance, serving the grand god, Reta. Now, the nations are at war and players will need to join one to fight alongside.

Players can hire NFT heroes and strategically position them in buildings within their territory to produce resources. There are various buildings in the player’s territory, such as barracks, secret bases, mines, lumber mills and farms. Heroes have various skills and stats and will produce resources according to their current capabilities. As with real-life wars, the game simulates a multitude of aspects from economic to political influences that players will need to navigate and strategically decide their next move towards victory.

They will need to collaborate with other players within their nation and gather opinions by voting to achieve greater rewards. A well-coordinated faction will win wars more often and gain increased rewards. “It’s like two giant DAOs fighting each other,” states Reta Wars — and as a gaming guild, this is hugely exciting!

The game employs a dual token model with a twist. The team has thought carefully about some of the current issues facing GameFi and has created an innovative token distribution method to ensure the gaming economy is sustainable.
$RETA, the governance token, will be utilized for purchasing NFT heroes, islands and items in the marketplace, as well as staking.

$GRT (Gold Rose Token) is the in-game token that players win within the game by fortifying their buildings. $GRT will not be readily available and will be earned through engagement in the game. This gives the core community easier access to the token, thereby creating a circular gaming economy and ensuring the availability of tokens for our active users.

This tokenomic model maintains value through mutual interaction whereby users aim for a multitude of outcomes based on their playing style and budget. They will buy and sell each other’s goods in the marketplace to achieve their goals. You can find more info on tokenomics in Reta Wars whitepaper linked at the end of this article.

Avocado DAO is thrilled to partner with this innovative game which brings our gaming community together for a high-level gaming experience all while competing with the opposing team. The game has some interesting facets, such as its tokenomic model which offers a more sustainable way of releasing tokens and ensures that the community is rewarded for their time spent in the game. When we tested the game, we were taken in by the immersive gameplay, team interaction and planetary competition. This game is packed with exciting new features and design, and as the GameFi space evolves, this is exactly what we need!

Reta Wars has just released their NFT heroes which are on sale as of Saturday, the 15th of October 2022. Grab yours by heading over to Reta Wars website.

You can find out more about Reta Wars and follow their socials here:
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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives