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4 min readNov 14, 2022

The last week of October saw Avocado DAO jet across Southeast Asia to join the community in an epic meet and greet in Manila, Philippines, followed by a more intimate get-together with our Indonesian Avocadians, which took place in the capital, Jakarta.

Avocado Philippines Meet and Greet
On the 26th of October, Avocadians across the Philippines and beyond woke up to prepare for their travels to Draper Startup House, Manila, with some of our team members also coming from Malaysia and Singapore. They set off to join our much-anticipated meet and greet event with Avocado’s co-founder Brendan, co-hosted alongside our partners, the DG. Pals team.

As members embarked on their journey to join us, our team was busy preparing for an evening of crypto education, fun, and new games as DG. Pals unveiled their new and interactive board game. The event was a buzz of activity, and everyone was thrilled to meet and spend time together after months of hanging out online and gaming together. This type of meet-up is a great way for the community to bond, hang out with founders and the team, as well as share ideas and feedback on all things gaming.

With everything in place, the event opened its doors to welcome members old and new. We kicked off the evening with a panel discussion with Brendan and DG. Pals’ founders talk about the guild, the game, and recognize the community’s contribution to how far we have come and all the activities we have been involved in together.

“Scholars and team members found the event very empowering,” said one of our Avocadian Aces, AG Sky. “It was a great opportunity to show the attendees the endless possibilities in web3 and that, as a collective, we are a strong force that can advance and thrive together within this space through education, gaming, and community. One of our Avocadian scholars, AG. Nuwel added: “The Avocado x D.G.Pals community meetup reminded us that behind every project’s success is a tight-knit community built within it.

Our Avocadians had an awesome time meeting new faces and connecting with friends made in the guild through games and other activities in our Avocado DAO’s online community. AG. Luna, one of our Avocadian Aces, shared that she was thankful for the opportunity to be able to connect with the Avocado family who are always there to support one another in real life as well as in gaming.

Avocado Indonesia Meet and Greet
The following week, Avocado organized a smaller, more intimate meet and greet in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. Avocadian scholars traveled from different parts of Indonesia to meet Brendan and discuss the guild, gaming, and generally catch up. Our Indonesian Avocadian community and the game leaders were thrilled to meet our co-founder, Brendan, in person after all the online communication and teamwork over the last year.

One of our scholars and Avocadian Army member, Vania, shared her thoughts: “Brendan, is so kind and dynamic. I know he is always busy and sleeps very little, so I was really happy to meet him!”. Vania also felt that she learned a lot from the gathering, not only in terms of gaming and the guild but also lessons she can apply to her life. Vania, like other members of the guild, stepped out of her comfort zone to learn new things in the web3 space, connect with new people, and took the opportunity to meet everyone in person. There is so much value and worth in these experiences, she said.

Avocado DAO will continue to organize events like these since we believe they bring our community together, enabling our scholars to connect, learn about web3 and blockchain gaming, and explore opportunities to further empower their lives. Meeting the co-founders and other Avocadians builds confidence, encourages growth, and expands connections in this exciting space.

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