Avocado DAO Invests in G4AL to Bridge the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

We are thrilled to announce our latest strategic partnership with G4AL, a blockchain video game development and publication studio, that is creating titles and using the technology to fuel the mass adoption of web3 gaming by facilitating entry for web2 users, and producing attractive and fun games in the GameFi arena.

With a number of high-level games under their belt, G4AL, which stands for ‘Games for a Living’, is on a mission to transform blockchain games to appeal to a wider audience including new and traditional gamers. The team boasts a wealth of experience in video gaming and technology. The G4AL team has a vision to develop and publish top-quality blockchain games and metaverses. In addition, they are building an exciting new blockchain gaming engine that will allow video game developers to use and benefit from G4AL’s blockchain technology for their own projects and enable them to leverage the advantages of GameFi economy.

This alignment of goals — to introduce and onboard users into blockchain gaming — is reflected in Avocado DAO’s activities both on and offline. Avocado DAO’s Co-founder, Brendan Wong, said of the partnership:

“G4AL’s vision contributes to Avocado’s overall objectives, making for a strong alliance as we advance in the GameFi space…We invested in Manel Sort and G4AL because of the team’s experience in creating, launching and shipping commercial titles such as Candy Crush for the gaming industry’s top legacy publishers. We look forward to working with the team and pushing blockchain gaming to the next level.”

G4AL’s CEO and Co-founder, Manel Sort, is thrilled about the partnership, and equally enthusiastic about the synergies of the collaboration, stating:

“Needless to say, our partnership with Avocado DAO is very exciting! By working together with the community, the guild will pursue actions that create a positive and lasting impact.” Manel went on to add: “Our partnership with Avocado DAO allows G4AL as well as Elemental Raiders and all of our other upcoming titles to take a long-term approach towards empowering the Web3 gaming community…By using our initial game assets, they will get early access to our first games releasing this September, and help us shape the future of G4AL.”

About G4AL:

G4AL is a blockchain gaming platform created by a team of seasoned and experienced video game industry professionals. The ecosystem consists of a game development engine, launchpad, software development kit, a full-stack exchange with an integrated wallet and broker, as well as its very own $GGT token which serves as the underlying token across its games.

The first game developed and published under G4AL, Elemental Raiders, a Free-to-Play turn-based hero battler game, is set to launch in September 2022. The team also has several titles in the pipeline, creating multiple games across genres, appealing to various types of users.

Avocado DAO x G4AL

Avocado seeks to invest in innovative projects, game-changers and projects that seek to advance the GameFi ecosystem. We are thrilled to invest and partner with G4AL to work towards mutual goals to enhance games and contribute to the future of web3 gaming. This strategic partnership will combine the power of Avocado’s large and active community and G4AL games, technology and platform to bring more to many, as is Avocado’s and G4AL’s shared mission.

This collaboration will serve to:

The power of Avocado’s gaming guild provides crucial feedback that will allow G4AL to benefit from beta testing with our community. This will allow us to work hand-in-hand to provide an optimum experience for experienced and new users alike.

Both Avocado DAO and G4AL are both aware of the need to make fun and engaging games, with enhanced graphics, while retaining the benefits that come with blockchain gaming.

G4AL’s first game, Elemental Raiders will be introduced to the scholars so that we can work together to refine and perfect the gaming mechanics to ensure that we are providing the highest-quality experience prior to the official game release.

Both parties are striving to improve user experience all over the world, through GameFi and this collaborative effort offers a strong position with a wealth of experience on both sides to achieve this goal.

“To celebrate the partnership, G4AL will gift 500 NFT Chests for G4AL Studios’ first game, Elemental Raiders, to the Avocado DAO community. Every chest contains 3 skins (1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic) that, besides improving the in-game characters, also act as NFTs, giving holders a play&earn status with 5 arena tickets. Players can start winning reward tokens from the launch day. We are proud to enrich the future of the metaverse and to improve people’s lives by their actions in the virtual world.” Manel Sort — CEO and Co-Founder of G4AL

You can find further information about G4AL here:
Website | Telegram | Twitter | Twitch |

For more on G4AL’s first game Elemental Raiders, follow the links below:
Website | Elemental Raiders Discord | Telegram | Twitter |

About Avocado DAO
Avocado DAO is a Web3 gaming guild that provides rewarding experiences for its scholars and facilitates entry to GameFi to empower more users.

Find out more about Avocado DAO and join the community here:
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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives