Avocado DAO invests in Atmos Labs, launching a unique metaverse-native sports experience

Avocado DAO talks to Kevin Beauregard, Atmos Labs’ founder and CEO, about the project, the team behind it, and the unique gaming experience they are creating in the metaverse in our exclusive Q&A session recapped below:

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about Atmos labs?

A: I founded Atmos in 2021 with a team of game, product, and community experts. Over the past few months the team has grown to nearly 20 full-time staff, and the vision has been supported by investors — including Avocado DAO as one of our seed round investors — and the community alike.

We are producing compelling and immersive entertainment experiences that bring together fans, players, and a growing community around a wholly unique science fiction universe.

Our first project is Atmos: Exordium, a 9-part comic series that sets the stage for the creative universe in which we will be grounding all our products. We are also excited to launch ExoGP, our first entry into metaverse native sports. ExoGP combines the spirit of F1 racing with flight mechanics, where players will be piloting customizable Exo suits in esports-ready gameplay.

ExoGP is a fun and competitive AAA racing game grounded in rich lore, a resource-based economy, a robust crafting system, and skill-based competition.

The third project is Atmos Collections — our team is creating unique apparel and merchandise, digital and physical collectibles, and in-person and digital experiences to further allow fans to connect to and express their passion for Atmos.

Q: The game is an innovative concept, and Atmos wants to create an environment for metaverse-native sports; what will that look like?

A: Atmos is built around the idea that people will congregate in virtual worlds around sports and games, the way they do in the physical world.

Metaverse-Native Sports is our way of describing the types of events we will see when novel forms of competition are developed in the digital world. Our goal is to develop games that are native to the metaverse and the social culture that surrounds it.

In terms of gameplay, we are about the quality of game design first. Atmos will deliver AAA-quality competitive gameplay, rich narratives, and consumer-facing lore that today are not very prevalent in metaverse gaming.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the Atmos lore and what players have to look forward to?

A: Atmos is a world, set 522 years in the future and 192 light years away from Earth.

Covered in noxious gas and populated with poisonous flora and murderous fauna, Atmos is a planet of the most violent extremes. Freeminers and revolutionaries, gang members and void-pirates, Exo racers and corporate overlords, all living in a constant state of contention, honing their skills and blades against one another, vying for power, wealth, and OREs.

Our comic series, Atmos: Exordium, starts with a killer on the run seeking to lose herself on Atmos, only to find fame in the planet’s Exo Racing League.

ExoGP invites players into the thick of the story as their own characters interacting with the world of Atmos on their own terms. Pilots race each other through courses or stadiums, endeavoring to be among the first racers to cross the finish line.

Players can expect fast-paced, white-knuckle racing — It’s Formula1 meets flight and you’re in the middle of it!

The premium spectator experience is equally thrilling; spectators within ExoGP can expect an experience similar to watching physical world sports with a digital twist, such as pilot first-person perspective views during races, multiple track and pilot-mounted camera views, a metaverse-native pub, and metaverse-native grandstands and seating. It’s a fun, immersive, and exhilarating game experience that stands all on its own.

Q: What are your longer-term plans for the future of Atmos within this arena (metaverse-native sports)?

A: ExoGP is the first installment in a series of metaverse-native sports that utilize Atmos assets and a first-of-its-kind flight interface. Players can expect a system that satisfies skill-based multiplayer experiences, spectacle through design and mechanics, and meaningful, in-depth customization.

ExoGP and incremental games will be built with both players and viewers in mind. Our approach to game design includes watchability as a key design pillar. Each game we design will have robust observer features to ensure an ability to create top-quality broadcasts.

Q: Please tell us about your team, what you have built, and anything interesting you would like to share.

A: I’ve been in the space for a number of years prior to founding Atmos Labs. I co-founded GoCoin in 2013, the first payment processor to enable altcoin-to-fiat rails for merchants, founded AUX Labs in 2017 which built a suite of early DeFi and NFT products, and was a lead developer at Bloq / Vesper Finance in 2021.

Atmos has a strong team with extensive experience across gaming, design, NFTs, and DeFi.

Dylan Bushnell is our VP of Game Design and is leading our team building ExoGP. He has developed titles within several disciplines, and prior to Atmos, has held roles at Polycade, Virsix Games, and X2 Games.

Our Creative Director, Tommy Lee Edwards, is a comic industry legend who has worked on comics such as Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem, Marvel 1985, Batman, and Hellboy. He is heading up Atmos: Exordium — A 9-part comic series that sets the stage for the creative universe within which we will be grounding all our products.

Todd Moffett is our VP of Product and is a street culture veteran who is leading product design of unique apparel and merchandise, digital and physical collectibles, and in-person and digital experiences. He previously led the effort to build an NFT Marketplace at AUX in 2018 and is Chief Digital Officer at FA, a streetwear brand.

Q: You had a successful seed funding round with Avocado as one of your early investors — who else do you have on board?

A: In June, Atmos Labs announced the close of an $11 million seed round. Led by Sfermion, our investors also included Animoca Brands, Collab+Currency, FBG Capital, Alumni Ventures, RedBeard Ventures, DWeb3, LD Capital, GSR Markets Limited, CoinGecko Ventures, UniX Gaming, to name a few — and of course Avocado DAO.

Q: Avocado DAO has a very strong web3.0 gaming community, what are some of the perks or benefits Atmos will be sharing with us?

A: We’re pleased to share early access and focus group opportunities with the Avocado DAO community with additional emerging opportunities as we continue to build and tell the story of Atmos.

Look out for Avocodo’s upcoming AMA with Atmos Labs on both our social media channels, where we’ll take a deeper dive into the first game release, benefits and utility of the Datacard, and answer questions from the community.

Q: You’re doing an awesome NFT drop of your MKIV Datacard, how can people participate and what will they get?

A: Our first NFT, the first piece of Atmos’ history, is now available in the portal. This is a dynamic asset that currently features a first look at high-fidelity images of the MKIV: Genesis Edition Exo suit. The Datacard also acts as a mint pass, allowing holders access to an exclusive mint window to purchase an MKIV Exo upon release. Each Datacard will give access to purchase a single Exo during an exclusive mint window.

Our goal is to reward those who join us early as Datacard holders. As time goes on, Datacard holders will also be given exclusive access to other in-game experiences, collectibles, and events. We want to engage our users, including the Avocado community, so for example, we have just closed our MKIV gleam giveaway with a great response from the Avocadian scholars.

Q: What about your community, where can people join and connect with the Atmos community, what is it like?

A: We are active on Twitter, Discord, and you can join our email list for updates. Please connect where you like to be reached if you haven’t yet!

We launched our Discord in tandem with our seed round announcement, and it’s been awesome to see people join the community and engage with the content we’ve shared — whether it be the Datacard, visuals, Gitbook, or some of the talkbacks we’ve done with our executive team. We are growing, listening, and learning with the goal of enshrining community feedback into Atmos lore and product along the way.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to tell us about Atmos Labs and we look forward to sharing more details with our community soon.

A: Thanks for having us!

Discover more about Atmos Labs, ExoGP and the MKIV Datacards via the links below:

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