Avocado DAO and Pro Gamer DAO Join Forces to Build a Mega Web3 Gaming Community

Avocado is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Pro Gamer DAO (PG DAO), a Korea-based, hyper-competitive web3 gaming community. This collaboration draws our two communities together to play League of Kingdoms (LOK), one of the world’s fastest-growing web3 massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) games.

Since its inception, Avocado DAO has been focused on the growth of its community, but also on a much broader mission to shape the evolution of the GameFi space. With our strong scholar base, we want to further empower our members by joining forces with other GameFi projects, such as PG DAO, to bring value to our players and expand our reach and facilitate entry for new users to benefit from blockchain gaming.

Avocado has grown from a web3 gaming guild to a tokenized DAO that has advanced through the ecosystem to invest in and partner with new games and protocols, enabling us to better navigate the rapidly changing GameFi landscape. This provides a cross-section of genres to offer strong opportunities for our scholars and enables us to have an input in the development of these web3 games. It also fulfills our larger goal of becoming chain and game agnostic as we continue to shape the future of the GameFi ecosystem.

Our community is the most important aspect of our DAO, and we continue to expand our scholarship programs and maximize rewards for our players. Our operations benefit the gaming community and have a ripple effect on the wider communities of our scholars. Avocado does not solely operate in web3 space, we also organize regional events, support, and crypto education.

PG DAO was created by an elite & experienced group of pro-like gamers out of South Korea, a nation famously known for its extreme gaming culture. PG DAO is user-oriented, high-competitive, and driven by a community of gaming enthusiasts seeking to become the elite gaming community for gamers with the most extensive collection of gaming resources.

“With an optimized system that is focused on gameplay, the DAO handles operations, management, and expanding gaming assets for the treasury. Pro Gamer DAO boasts a large and growing community of thousands of elite gamers, whose experience is leveraged to crowdsource and curate game tactics and strategies…This enables us to work with Avocado DAO to provide elite analytics for the Avocadian community to optimize leveling time, yield, and overall experience in League of Kingdoms, as well as to develop tactics to help scholars succeed in the game.”

Jensen Kim

Core Team Member & Super Gamer — Pro Gamer DAO

LOK is the first MMORTS game built on blockchain technology that enables players to fully own their land and seamlessly trade digital resources through blockchain-powered marketplaces. The game’s similarities to real-life politics give it an interesting backdrop to building castles, gathering resources, and raising armies. The unique feature of LOK that stands out from other MMORTS games, is that it gives players the freedom to make rules, cooperate with, or battle against entire continents to win $LOKA, the game’s governance token.

LOK’s continent versus continent (CvC) mechanics encourage hundreds of players from different cultures to unite and strategize together to win CvC PvP events. Different guilds and alliances within a continent need to work together, share resources, and strategize if they want to be victorious in a war against a rival continent. For the winning side, the spoils of war are shared amongst the participants in the form of $LOKA Token rewards.

Avocadian scholars find LOK engaging, with a huge cooperative community. The rewards and resource-burning systems, including the introduction of Drago NFTs, have been carefully designed to ensure that the game will remain sustainable over time.

Over the last year, our community has grown exponentially. We have successfully onboarded new games across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Solana and Polygon. Post tokenization of the DAO in late 2021, this year -

  • $AVG can now be bridged to BNB;
  • Scholar Portals are now accessible to scholars;
  • Staking options that bring additional rewards to our community are now available.

With a view to the future, Avocado selects high-quality partnerships, such as PG DAO, that align with our vision to expand our community, onboard new users, and provide rewarding opportunities. We are passionate about developing the GameFi space so that more people can reap the rewards of web3 gaming. This is at the forefront of Avocado’s operational strategy and vision for the future of GameFi.

“This strategic partnership brings great value to both sides, leveraging the power of our joint communities. PG DAO and LOK will benefit from the power of the Avocadian community to provide feedback and create testing opportunities for new strategic initiatives, as well as a large pool of players that will be onboarded to boost the game and its in-game economy.”

Brendan Wong

Co-Founder — Avocado DAO

As Avocado DAO continues to advance, we seek out strategic partnerships that support our roadmap and share alignment with our vision. For this reason, we are delighted to collaborate with our partner PG DAO to bring more opportunities to both communities, bringing more to many, and giving more users the chance to play2educate, empower, and enrich their lives through GameFi.

You can find out more about Pro Gamer DAO via the links below:

👾Discord | 🐦Twitter | 📰Medium | 🎮Website | 📺YouTube

About Avocado DAO
Avocado DAO is a Web3 gaming guild that provides rewarding experiences for its scholars and facilitates entry to GameFi to empower more users.

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives

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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives