$AVG Token Launch Auction: Everything You Need to Know About Avocado DAO’s IDO

Our token will be offered to the public on 27th Dec 2021 12AM UTC+8

*UPDATED COPPER LAUNCH LINK: https://copperlaunch.com/auctions/0x960F4ecd3533B0aaBF355fF36f79d747d2CA51e7 (ERC-20 ONLY)

Avocado DAO has consistently been a community-first project, and we’re excited to announce that we will be conducting a fair launch on Copper for our $AVG governance and reward token. In this post, we will introduce Copper and share information about how to participate in our IDO to ensure you are equipped with all the relevant information ahead of our offering.

An Overview of Copper Launch

Copper Launch is a launch platform for transparent token offerings. It operates Token Launch Auctions (TLAs), a method of issuing tokens for sale without intermediaries or geographical limitations. The process is the same for investors with any amount of liquidity — investors with more resources do not have an advantage — so all participants have the same opportunity to acquire tokens in the earliest stages of meaningful projects.

When a token is released for sale on Copper, its price decays over time as soon as the pool opens, following a predefined trajectory. Buyers counteract gravity’s pull on the token’s price — the higher the transaction volume, the slower the price slide.

In short, buyer participation and demand determine the token’s price. Higher demand pushes the price up.

For a full explanation of Copper’s TLAs, you can visit the relevant documentation.

Details of the $AVG IDO

Start date: 27/12/2021 12AM UTC +8

Sale duration: 5 Days

Platform: copperlaunch.com

Start price: $1.43

End price: $0.08

Minimum purchase amount: None

Blockchain: Ethereum

Initial pooled: 40,000,000 $AVG / 3,000,000 USDC

Start weights: $AVG 95% / USDC 5%

End weights: $AVG 50% / USDC 50%

Contract address: 0xa41F142b6eb2b164f8164CAE0716892Ce02f311f

IMPORTANT: Please note that the contract address for $AVG will only be shared through our official channels. We will never DM you to ask for funds. You will not be able to purchase $AVG before our launch on Copper.

Ahead of our token offering, we suggest that you visit our overview of Avocado DAO’s tokenomics. It covers everything you need to know about $AVG, including its functions, benefits, and release schedule.

How to Participate in $AVG’s Launch on Copper

1. Visit the $AVG auction page on Copper: https://copperlaunch.com/auctions/0x960F4ecd3533B0aaBF355fF36f79d747d2CA51e7

2. Connect a wallet that is compatible with Copper Launch. The platform supports MetaMask, WalletConnect, Gnosis Safe, and Ledger.

3. Connect your wallet on the Ethereum network.

4. Once the connection is established, you can then acquire $AVG tokens by using USDC, WETH, DAI, or ETH. Select the currency and amount that you wish to swap. Copper will automatically populate the corresponding number of $AVG tokens that you can swap for.

5. Perform two transactions:

(i) Approve the tokens for trade. Click “Approve for Trading” in the blue box. You will need to pay gas fees in ETH. It may take a few minutes for this transaction to be approved.

(ii) After trading is approved, click “Swap” to convert your currency into $AVG tokens. This step also requires you to pay gas fees in ETH.

6. Wait a few moments for the transaction to be confirmed. Then… congratulations! You now hold $AVG in your wallet.

7. To view your $AVG balance in MetaMask, you will need to:

(i) Click on the MetaMask wallet icon.

(ii) Scroll to the bottom and click “Import tokens.”

(iii) Click “Custom token.”

(iv) Paste in the $AVG token address: 0xa41F142b6eb2b164f8164CAE0716892Ce02f311f

There is no lock-up for $AVG tokens distributed through Copper. You will be able to trade your tokens immediately.

Thank you for supporting Avocado DAO as we worked toward releasing our token. Good luck and game on!

About Avocado DAO

At the heart of every gamer is the desire to succeed and lead a better life. Avocado DAO is a blockchain gaming guild that aims to unlock life-changing opportunities and rewarding experiences for its community members. Avocado DAO underlines the value of inspiring positive impacts on people’s lives. Our mission is to unlock the hidden talent of our guild members by empowering them with the education, encouragement, and digital tools they need to achieve their full potential in the metaverse.

Join the Avocado community: Website | Discord | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram



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Providing more to many. Shaping the future of blockchain through GameFi and SocialFi initiatives