Are you ready for the Avolution? Join the Avocadian Quest

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4 min readJan 20, 2023

Join the Avolution!

Are you ready for the very Special Avocadian Mission?

Set off on an adventure through Avocadia and grow Avocadude from a Seed.

This mission will take you on a journey of exciting quests through Avocado DAO’s games and activities to help our seed evolve into a ripe and ready-to-adventure Avocadude.

Join exclusive quests where you will get the chance to pioneer Avocadude’s journey and help begin the story of Avocadia!

The mission begins with a small seedling — Through daily login and a new quest each day, together the community will win Water and Solar Toast to feed it and help it grow into a plump, mature Avocadude. As well as contributing to Avocadude’s evolution, the daily quests contain tons of exciting prizes which will include goodies from some of our exciting game partners! Keep reading to find out more!

How does it work?

Once you join the mission, you will be able to access the daily quests that help to nurture the seed. Through community involvement, players will collectively contribute to its evolution.

The seedling’s bar will increase as more players complete their daily login and quests. If the seed has been sufficiently looked after, at the end of the 10 days, it will evolve into a fully-grown Avocadude, ready to begin his adventures across Avocadia and beyond.

The Quest: From Seed to Avocadude
10 days- 10 quests- 1 Fully grown Avocadude — Starts on the 20th

Start the quest with a small seed, waiting to grow and experience the ecosystem. Over 10 days, pick up daily login points to win Water, and complete daily quests to get Solar Toast to feed the seed and grow him into a fully-grown Avocadude ready to explore the Avocadoverse.

By completing the daily quests, not only will you contribute to the evolution of Avocadude, but you will also be able to win prizes directly from the quests, such as NFTs, entry passes, resources, and tokens.

The Avolution kicks off with Cross the Ages, there will also be quests from Tap Fantasy, MixMob, Planet Mojo, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, Reta Wars, and more!

On each Quest, you will have the chance to interact with some of your favorite games to feed Avocadude’s growth spurt and win goodies from a total prize pool of $8,000!

How to participate: Start your Adventure
Follow the step-by-step process to sign up and take part in the quest.

  • Head to our Questing Portal
  • Sign in to access the Portal
  • You will land on the Quest Page
  • Once you are in, grab your daily points in the top Menu to gain water for our seed
  • Then go to the Quest tab and complete the Quest of the Day to win Solar Toast to feed your growing Avocadude.

As players join and complete quests, and nourish the seed with water and Solar Toast, you will be able to see the seed’s progress. This is a community mission, and the seed will only transform into Avocadude if enough players have contributed to his growth! Only if, at the end of the 10-day quest, the seed has been sufficiently fed, will it evolve into Avocadude — An Avocado ripe for adventure! So jump into the action and join the community, they need your help to complete the Great Avocadian Quest!

If you would like any more details, you can head over to our Discord channel where Avocadian moderators are on hand to help. See you on the Quest!

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